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Storyboard artist and illustrator with expertise in cartoony comedy and action adventure.

I am passionate about storytelling and how it moves people to better themselves. I want to use my stories to make this exitance a better time for everyone. You can find my portfolio at and you can contact me at

You can also find my latest drawings on my Instagram account:


– Rad HowToSchool – “Figure Invention for Animation”, “Storyboarding for Feature Animation” and “Pitch Development”
– Steve Ahn’s Online Courses – “Action Adventure Storyboard Workshop” and “Online Drawing Workshop”
– Schoolism
– Universidad Veritas – Digital Animation


– Freelance – Storyboard Artist, General Illustrator for Animation and Voice Over Artist (Jan 2013 – Present)
– Prepare storyboard sequences, character designs or other types of illustrations to clients in the animation industry.
– Produce voices for distinctive animated characters.


  • Knowledgeable with both traditional and CG animation.
  • Self-taught in a wide variety of software.
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)

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