How to build a successful animation channel on YouTube

Animated content on YouTube has risen in popularity in recent years. The fact that YouTube is an open platform has meant that there is lots of potential for independent creators to build their brand exactly the way that they want to, without having to deal with any management control or input. This scope and freedom makes it a valuable resource to take advantage of. However, while it may sound like an easily profitable venture, there is actually a great deal of strategy, perseverance and even luck involved in getting it off the ground and making it a success.

Reviewing the competition

Given the amount of time it takes to produce even a very short animated video, it can be hard to compete with vloggers and non-animation channels that post weekly. Some of the largest animation channels on YouTube such as Tabbes, Illymation and Jaiden Animations only tend to average about one video per month. When you add this to the fact that YouTube now favours channels with the amount of watch time rather than views due to the change in algorithm back in 2012, it’s easy to see how creating a successful animation-based YouTube channel might be a challenge.

Posting to a schedule

Despite posting content less regularly than your non animation-based competitors, this shouldn’t harm your chances of success too much providing that you are consistent with your posting. Your subscribers won’t mind waiting a while for new content, providing that they can rely on you to post to a schedule. You should aim to post your scheduled uploads on the same day each month.

Upload supplementary videos 

In the interim, it’s important to stay on your subscriber’s radar and keep them engaged by posting additional videos. This will also boost your watch time too, helping your channel rank higher. These videos should be easy to produce so you can post them on a more regular basis. Some ideas include process videos, vlogs or draw-with-me live streams, anything to keep your audience engaged.

Monetising your channel

It is difficult for animation channels to survive off AdSense alone, so it is important to consider services such as Patreon and Channel Membership which can prove invaluable. These services allow you to receive more money from those that wish to support you in exchange for bonus content.

This involves sharing process stills to Patreon to give a loyal audience a preview of an upcoming video in order to generate excitement about new projects. Process stills do not require any extra work to produce, yet they create a great opportunity for extra cash. Once your channel grows, it will become possible to make more money from merchandise, commissions and sponsorship deals as well.

Work within your budget and skill level

Having the best technology and software doesn’t guarantee success. Although it can be tempting to invest a lot of money into this, it’s much more prudent to work within your budget and skill level. This way you can grow from experience, which is the only way you can ever really hope to improve, and operating within such constraints is part of the learning curve that will make you a better animator.

Jane Evans – Freelance Writer

How newbies can get into Manga

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Since it’s inauguration in the 1950’s the manga industry has achieved huge international success and is currently worth $85 000. The broad range of genres and art styles available means that there is something for everyone, as such manga is read and appreciated by people of all ages and walks of life.

Many people find manga reading to be so enjoyable and provocative that over time it can stimulate an interest to start creating it yourself. This article will recommend some good places to start when it comes to reading manga, how to draw manga, and how you might be able to go about making a living out of animation.

Where to start

The world of manga is so vast that it can be hard to navigate, fortunately though, there are some useful categorisations that can aid you in making a decision as to what you might enjoy. There is a huge amount of genres, that get broken down further into sub genres, so it can be a little confusing! However, the main genres that you can think of are there, some of the most popular are action adventure, mystery thriller, romance and slice of life, and super natural and sci-fi. 

Target audience

Manga is also classified in terms of its target audience, that is, the age and gender of the people it is aimed at. However, it’s important to remember that this is only a rough guide, as ultimately it will come down to your tastes and preferences. Some of the most popular Manga’s/Anime’s to get started with are Comboy Beebop, Gurren Lagann, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Death Note or Attack on Titan.

How to draw manga

The golden rule of manga drawing is this: precision is key. The only way to produce an authentic manga drawing is to draw all the various shapes and lines at exactly the right angle, following a specific set of metrics. Creating a manga character is about much more than giving them big shiny eyes! We recommend following a step by step manga drawing guide to get you started, and once you have had sufficient practice, you would have develop the motor skills and muscle memory necessary to create authentic drawings unaided.

Creating a web channel

There are lots of manga and anime sites as well as YouTube channels dedicated towards reviewing the latest manga’s and anime’s. There is also a whole host of webcomic platforms for reading manga online. If you would like to build a career in manga or animation, then marketing yourself online is essential. 

If you are planning on creating an online webcomic, to expand your audience it is important to make the comics accessible to the visually impaired. This can be achieved by creating an alt-text that explains what is happening visually as well as making the text available in audio format.

Finding a career in animation

There are a number of different ways to get into the manga and anime industry. Some of the most common ways involve showcasing your work to a comic publisher, publishing online, promoting yourself at fairs or winning a comics award. Getting noticed is the key. 

How newbies can get into manga If you are living outside of Japan, then the best opportunities would be setting yourself up as a freelancer and searching for job opportunities and projects to join online. The creators of online web comics, magazines books and other projects are always looking to employ illustrators to help. Once you have established yourself and gained some traction and experience, if you wanted to branch out on your own you could think about starting your own projects and eventually setting up your own online business.

Jane Evans – Freelance Writer

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