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Desired position type: 3D Animator
Location: Paris Île-de-France, France

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I am a 23 years old French 3D animator and have been living in Belgium for 5 years. I am fond of animation since childhood, 3D and 2D, I watch a lot of animation movies and TV shows.
I have kept my childhood spirit but with a now professional eye. Well organized, I like to think ahead and am strict on deadlines. I am also a very sociable and enthusiast person so I enjoy working in team and don’t hesitate to ask for feedback !


Computer Graphic Degree
Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard Namur (BE) | 2017
Head of year.

Highschool Diploma
Lycée Notre Dame des Dunes Dunkerque (FR) | 2014
With Honours.


Junior 3D Animator
Illumination MacGuff | Paris (FR) | late 2019 – now
. I am currently working on the marketing for Minions 2 (Short movies, Advertisements, Prints).

Junior 3D Animator
Cyborn | Antwerp (BE) | mid 2017- late 2019
. I have been hired right after my degree and then work on main shots for two feature films : Ploey, you never fly alone (2018) and Dragon Rider (2019).
. I have also took part in animation for multiple mobile games and commercial applications.
. I have been part of the mocap short movie project Canaan (2018) and the VR game Hubris as well.

3D Animator Intern
Cyborn | Antwerp (BE) | early 2017
. I had the chance to work during 3 months on the feature film Ploey, you never fly alone (2018) and was in charge of the background characters and some main shots.

Shadowing Internship
Tchack | Lille (FR) | late 2015
. I’ve been shadowing for 2 weeks in the 2D studio Tchack, and studied the production process of the TV Shows Lastman (2016) and Troubadours.


  • Maya (6 years)
  • Shotgun (3 years)
  • Motion Builder (2 years)
  • Dynamixyz (1 year)


    3D Animation, team work

Spoken Languages

    English (fluent), French (native), Spanish (Elementary)

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