Animator, Illustrator, and Character Designer

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Desired salary: $35,000.00
Desired position type: 2D Animation
Location: Pembroke Massachusetts, United States

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A Boston based animator with an insatiable thirst for comedy.


Lesley University College of Art and Design


Over 2 years of experience as a contractor animator, illustrator, character designer, and other minor artistic roles. Responsibilities included adapting scripts into storyboards and animations, designing character models for other animators to use, pitching ideas for future animations, and illustrating images that would be displayed in between animated sequences.


  • Adobe Animate/Flash (8 years)
  • Photoshop (7 years)
  • Soundbooth/Audition (6 years)
  • Premiere Pro (5 years)
  • After Effects (3 years)

Spoken Languages


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