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Location: England United Kingdom

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Creative and hard-working 2D animator with a great love of bringing characters to life with emotion and personality. I am a recent Animation Production graduate of Arts University Bournemouth who now aspires to secure a junior animator role in one of London’s many animation studios. I specialise in digitally drawn 2D animation and therefore am proficient in the use of both Toonboom and Flash, however I also have a working knowledge of other softwares such as Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and a basic knowledge of how to animate in Maya


Arts University Bournemouth (2013 – 2016)
BA Animation Production, Pass (Obtained)
Student representative for animation production from 2013 – 2016; Tasked with receiving and presenting student feedback to tutors and student union members.

Kingston College (2012 – 2013)
Foundation Art and Design diploma (Pass)

Isleworth & Syon Secondary School (2005 – 2012)
A Levels; English Lit/Lang, Art & Design, Media Studies – A-D
9 GCSEs; A-D


Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
Video Editor
June 2018 – June 2018
Was asked by a contact of the RMBF charity to edit interview footage into a video, complete with subtitles, an intro and outro card. This project gave me a much better understanding of the use of Adobe Premiere pro.

KingBee Animation
February 2018 – Ongoing
Was given a variety of tasks during my time at KingBee;I was first tasked with placing and animating several ‘puppet’ characters over a wide-shot in flash. I was responsible for providing lip-synch, several simple but recognisable animations for the characters and also creating additional assets for the characters when needed.

I was also in charge of the re-design of the main character and two side characters of an animated music video. I worked on paper to get the more basic design done, then went into photoshop where I could line-art, colour and tweak the characters as requested by feedback from the client.

Helped finish and colour part of a religious comic, which required knowledge of Illustrator and vector-based drawing that I acquired whilst working alongside the company’s designers.

Was tasked with drawing an extensive, detailed storyboard for one of their up-coming educational videos using a script provided by a client.

Created and edited animatics through Adobe Premiere Pro using pre-drawn storyboards- which also required me to source a scratch track and sound effect foley.

Mosaic Films
October 2017 – November 2017
Worked on an animated documentary for BBC bitesize, where I used Photoshop to cut out objects and characters from various photos and paintings, create puppets to be rigged and animated through after effect using the Duik plugin tool and prep landscape pictures for use in parallax movements.

Learned how to better use tools such as the quick selection tool/clone stamp, worked under steady pressure towards a deadline and improved my communication and teamwork skills.

Jiksaw Ltd
Freelance Animator (Motion Graphics) September 2017 – October 2017
Used pre-designed assets provided by Jiksaw to create motion graphic animated slides for the promotion of John Bishop’s ‘Winging it’ tour and Milton Jones’ new book; Brief Hysterical of Time.
Gained a deeper understanding of various tools in After effects, including how to create motion blur effects.

Jiksaw Ltd
Freelance Animator (Motion Graphics) June 2017 – June 2017
Worked alongside Jiksaw graphic designers to create several animated slides for Sarah Millican’s new tour. Worked to another tight deadline of 3 days, where I made use of the rigging adobe plugin Duik and honed my skills in After Effects.

Jiksaw Ltd
Freelance Animator (Motion Graphics) May 2017 – May 2017
Was tasked with recreating 4 predesigned slides in after effects and animating them through motion graphics. These were to be shown at Professor Brian Cox’s upcoming live tour.
Also used assets given to me by Jiksaw to design and animate a 5th screen to showcase a merchandise bundle they were promoting. Worked to a tight one week deadline.
Gained a proficient knowledge of how to animate motion graphics in After Effects and experience working to short deadlines

The First Mile September 2016 – May 2017
Brand Ambassador
Responsible for reaching out to businesses all around London in order to promote First Mile as an alternative to commercial recycling services, answering any queries they might have and gathering information for the sales team.

Constantly engaging socially with a wide variety of different personalities and cultures has developed my confidence and has led to improved communication skills, being flexible and adapting to different situations or people, thinking on my feet when presented with difficult questions or queries and improved navigational skills.


  • Solid grasp of the 12 principles of animation.
  • Proficient knowledge of the animation process and pipeline.
  • Classically trained animator in traditionally drawn 2D animation.
  • Specialist in 2D digitally drawn and 2D puppet animation
  • Skills in Character Design,
  • Skills in Storyboarding/Animatic creation
  • Skills in video editing.
  • Proficient Knowledge of Toonboom
  • Proficient Knowledge of Adobe Animate
  • Working Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Working Knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • Working Knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Basic Knowledge of 3D Blender

Spoken Languages


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