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Desired salary: $20,000.00
Desired position type: 3D Animator
Location: England United Kingdom

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I am a very passionate, enthusiastic, hardworking individual who settles for nothing less than perfection within my work, my hobbies and my personal projects. I can work well in a team, providing high level input with creative and innovative solutions to a wide variety of problems. I am a very reliable worker, self-motivated to complete tasks given to me to a high standard. Working to improve myself is an essential part of my personality; I aim to please my employers and to gain skills that will aid me throughout my professional career aspirations.


Sheffield Hallam University 2014 – 2018
Merit MA in Animation and Digital Effects
2nd degree BA in Animation

Rotherham College of Arts and Technology 2014
Level 1 Qualification: Employment Training – Pass

Tomas Rotherham College 2011 – 2013
A’ Levels:
Performing Arts – B
Media Studies – A
AS: Business Studies – C

Clifton: A Community Arts School 2006 – 2011
Maths – C
English Language – C
English Literature – C
Science – C
Art – B
Drama – B


Finger Industries – Animator
I worked within a team of animators on a mixed media web series. It was my responsibility to animate characters within a selected range of episodes as well as to check for, and fix abnormalities throughout the series as a whole. I worked from story boards and animatics, key framing and interpreting said material as I saw fit for first passes as well as working from established key frames provided by other colleagues.
• Animating characters from pre-production material and established key frames.
• Working to a schedule to fulfil strict deadlines.
• Maintaining a delicate shared file structure to maintain a clear production pipeline.

Share Some Secrets – Sound Recordist
It was my responsibility to collect and utilise a library of sound effects for the children’s safety and awareness animation Share Some Secrets. My primary responsibility however was to record the voice acting for the piece, maintaining the top level of quality throughout its production.
• Recording foley and dialogue at an industry standard of quality.
• Establishing pipe lines alongside my co-workers and maintaining a clear dialogue.
• Working quickly as to fulfil new audio requests throughout the project’s lifetime.

Rainforest Graphics – Graphics Assistant
I was responsible for composing and packaging physical prints and signage. I worked towards deadlines with a high degree of efficiency and precision to assure a high level of quality and a manageable quota.
• Loading and maintaining industrial printing equipment to a high standard.
• Carefully cutting out prints and signage once printed.
• Treating, Mounting and/ or distributing the signage to the customer.

Cancer Research – Volunteer
I was a part of a small team tasked with the maintaining the store and serving the customers with a high quality of service.
• Culling and distributing stock with a deep understanding of the rotor and the value of items being sold.
• Serving customers with their best interests at heart.
• Maintaining the stores appeal, as well as the presentation of its staff.


  • 3DS Max
  • Maya
  • Substance Painter
  • ZBrush
  • Blender
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • Pro Tools
  • Marmoset Toolbag


    2D Animation, 3D Animation, animation, Editing, motion graphics, presenting, Public Speaking, Sound Recordist, Stop Motion Animation, Videographer

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