Seasonal Employees Explained: How Your Workplace Could Benefit

Finding labor relief at certain points of the year for your business will be crucial. Hiring from overseas is a solution for this. Sponsoring the visas of international workers will help you resolve labor issues. Read on in this article to learn how you can sponsor visas and search for employees.

What Are Seasonal Workers?

You will need to understand what seasonal workers are. They are employees that you hire into a position during the short term. Meaning they will be part-time or temporary that help with the workload during peak seasons. Seasonal workers will work a set agreed contract, usually no more than 35 hours a week with most states. Seasonal jobs may include lifeguards during the summer, ski-resort workers during the winter, or construction workers during a big contract.

How To Get Them To Your Business

Find out if you have a need for seasonal workers. Consider how many workers you will need. Look at your upcoming orders and quotas. Analyze how busy your business is at certain times of the year. Searching for seasonal workers will then be able to begin. Work with expert immigration attorneys such as Farmer Law PC, who can explain the process to you gaining you an understanding of the H-2B visa meaning. Acquiring this visa will be your official way of helping your seasonal employees qualify for entry into the country.

Know that this visa program will allow all U.S. employers who meet the program’s regulatory requirements to fill temporary non-agricultural jobs with foreign nationals at peak times of the year. Take a restaurant as an example. They may be busy due to it being vacation season, and require a few more cooks or waiters.

Employee Requirements And Rights

Implement a HR department with your business. Consider working with an outsourced one as an alternative. Consult HR first because seasonal workers will be entitled to the same statutory employment rights as permanent employees. The difference between a worker and an employee is slight but important to note for rights. A worker is someone who works on a casual basis, which means they are eligible for basic employment rights. An employee is otherwise defined more as a staff member who has a permanent contract of employment, which gives them more length of time working.

Know that you need to provide suitable working conditions for the workers. Working environment standards needs to be up to code. Facilities need to be safe and meet the industry standards. Legal action could be taken against you if you’re not careful. Strive to follow the regulations and do everything by the book.

The Benefits

Relieve your labor by hiring from overseas. This will allow you to focus on your business and make money, relieving stress. Search for highly experienced workers within your industry from surrounding countries. Do not hire if the costs outweigh the profits. Apply research and consult your team to find solutions. Trust in your team and work hard to find suitable solutions.

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