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Congratulations! You have been asked to appear for an Animator interview. The interview will give you the opportunity to showcase your qualification, experience, and create a good impression. So, you will want to be at your best. Whether you have applied for a senior position or an entry-level job, the interview is always going to be very important. Here are some animator interviews tips that will help you stand out and ace an interview.

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How to Prepare For an Animator Interview

  • Research – Start by researching your employer so you have good knowledge of the mission, goals, and accomplishments of the business. Go through the company’s website in detail to know about their corporate culture, values, and recent announcements.
  • Go through the job description – You have surely gone through the description before while applying. But that was sometime before. So go through it once to remember everything. Pay particular attention to the required experience and skills. Then consider how your goals and qualifications align with what is mentioned.
  • Practice answering questions – Prepare a list of questions the hiring manager is likely to ask depending on what is mentioned in the job description, your qualification, and experience. Then practice the answers. Think of how you can make a difference, why you are the right candidate, and how you have helped your current employer.
  • Look your best – First impressions matter a great deal, so make sure that you look your best. Consider going for a cosmetic treatment that will rejuvenate your skin and make you look your glowing best. It is totally worth it.
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Also, make sure that you know the name the interviewer, the person whom you are going to meet. One more thing – carry a list of references and extra copies of your resume.

How to Dress For an Animator Interview

You must also dress correctly. See some profiles of those who work in the animation studio to find out how they dress. Is there a dress code? What is the company’s culture like? There are many interview outfits that go well in most cases, but there can be exceptions. Usually a business casual outfit like a professional shirt and dress pant or a formal business suit will work well. But you will still want to be sure.

What not to wear to an interview – You must always avoid wearing some things, no matter what the business, such as tank tops, flip flops, ripped shorts or jeans, wedge sandals, strapless dresses and tops, and athletic clothing like yoga pants.   

Your animator interview outfit needs to look professional. It must also make you feel comfortable and confident. Also, do make sure that your clothing is clean and is properly ironed.

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

We have covered how to prepare and dress for the interview. How you introduce yourself to your future work company is also very important.

The hiring manager will form his/her first impression by the way you speak. How you project yourself or what you say in the first few seconds is likely to affect the eventual outcome. Of course, a good first impression is no guarantee that you will get the job. On the other hand, you will certainly harm your chances if you make a poor impression.

Here’s what you should do –

Before Job Interviews – Go to the reception on entering the building. Introduce yourself by telling your full name, the job title, and the interview time. While you wait for the interview, avoid using your phone. Stand up and meet the person when someone comes for you. Offer a firm handshake. But don’t be too strong. Introduce yourself again.

During the Animator Interview – Drink a glass of water before you appear. Take deep breaths so you can be relaxed. Greet your interviewer confidently when the person enters the room. Extend your hand to shake. And once again, state your name and smile. It is likely that the person has your resume. However, you can still give him/her a hard copy of your resume. Let the person take the lead if he or she is ready to start the conversation.

How to Answer Animator Interview Questions

Here are a few tips that will help you – 

  • Always make eye contact while answering. This will show that you are confident.
  • Keep your body position strong. Don’t keep your arms crossed. Keep them by your sides. Don’t appear smaller. Look up straight into the person’s face.
  • Avoid fidgeting while answering. Do not hold a paper or pen and fidget all the time. Also, do not tap your feet or hands. It is good to use your hands animatedly while talking because it shows that you are enthusiastic and excited about joining the company. But don’t move your hands when you are listening.
  • Smile, enjoy the process. Those who are nervous may grimace and look distracted or super serious. When you smile you show that you are relaxed and confident. It is okay to show that you are thinking when answering. But don’t make it look that you are strained.
  • Answer slowly and calmly. Don’t be too quick. Nervous people will talk faster, while those who are confident will take their time. Take a few seconds to think after a question. Make sure that you understand the question and consider what your answer should be. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification if you are unsure of a question.

How to Follow Up After an Interview

Almost always, there is a lot of waiting involved. You have to wait for the right job opening, wait for the interview call, and then must wait to learn about the outcome. You can follow up after a decent amount of time. But remember, how much time they require will always vary from one company to another. So you cannot rush.

Write a Thank You Letter after an Interview

This is one more chance for you to make a good impression. Send a thank you note 24 hours after the interview. Many believe a hand-written letter helps you stand out. But you can also send a thank you email after the interview. Be friendly and brief. Restate that you are interested in the job.

You can send a follow-up note or a follow-up email if you haven’t heard back by the time they said they will decide. it is entirely possible that someone else was the first choice, but you still have a chance. Another candidate might have been offered the job and that person may not accept the job for whatever reason. So stay in the loop. Give it some more time.

Prepare well for the animator interview, dress correctly, arrive on time, be confident, show that you are an excellent problem solver, and chances are, you may be offered the job you want.

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