How Feedback Works at Animation Apprentice

How do students get feedback at Animation Apprentice? I personally tutor all my students, who receive a weekly bespoke feedback tutorial on their work, showing how to fix mistakes and how to make it better.  In addition, we have a Facebook classroom where students post their work, receive positive feedback, and give creative criticism to others.  Being able to take criticism (“notes” in the industry) is part of the process of creating great animation. When you first show your work to a client, they will have comments, and they won’t always love your first efforts. Whether you’re working at a studio, or doing private client work, or just working on your own personal work, animators need to learn to incorporate criticism in order to make your work the best it can be.

Notes being given at our Facebook Group

Facebook Classroom
At Animation Apprentice we have a Facebook classroom (a closed group, only our students can join); where our students post their work for critique, ask technical questions, and also learn about the latest job openings.

Closed Group
Because it’s a closed group, everyone can post their work safe in the knowledge that the only people who can see it are other students on the course. This means students can make their mistakes without feeling too shy.

We all start off feeling shy about our work, but as we grow in confidence it gets easier to post test animation and get constructive feedback.

Assessed Work – Work in Progress
Our master’s degree students (Our MA is awarded by Buckinghamshire New University) are strongly encouraged to submit their work-in-progress early at the Fb Classroom for feedback, prior to the submission of assessed work.

Kiwi animation by Oliver Canovas

This is very much how industry works, and our course is designed to mirror as closely as possible the methods used in industry.  At animation dailies, an animator’s work is critiqued by the director, and by other animators, to make sure every shot is of the highest possible standard.

Learning to take criticism
At the FB Classroom students learn to take criticism, and they also learn how to give useful critique on the work done by other students.

It is good practice for working in industry, not just to solicit comments, but also to learn to be able to give constructive criticism. Animators help each other out on production all the time by giving one another tips and suggestions, and your best resource at a new studio is often the person sitting next to you.

So, for all our students, don’t be shy, make the best use you can of our Fb Classroom.

To find out more about Animation Apprentice, click here for a link to Frequently Asked Questions. To sign up for our next classroom at Animation Apprentice, follow this link.

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