Games and Animation Apprenticeships: All you need to know


Games and animation Apprenticeships are an excellent platform to kick-start your career while earning and learning and creating a strong foundation for you to build a career within the games and animation industry.

What do games and animation Apprenticeships involve?

Games and animation Apprenticeships combine classroom based learning with on the job training enabling you to obtain industry specific qualifications, highly sought skills and credible experience all whilst getting paid. Game and animation Apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to university where you’ll get the learning and development opportunities and work experience to launch a long and fulfilling career. There are a wide range of roles within the games and animation industry. Let’s look at what you could be doing:

Game Designer – Game designers come up with innovative game ideas. You’ll develop the rules of a game, setting and characters, story, props, vehicles and weapons and how the game can be played. During your Apprenticeship you’ll be working alongside game designers, programmers, artists, producers, animators and audio engineers to ensure the game developed is a major hit in the games market.

Animation – Animators create a sequence of images and drawings and make them come to life to produce a computer game using a range of software.

Games Tester – As a games tester you’ll work as a team to test the game that has been put in front of you. This will involve testing various levels and versions of the game, finding any faults and comparing games with other games available on the market. You will also proofread instructions and packaging to ensure no spelling or punctuality mistakes have been made whilst also ensuring copyright standards meet regulations.

Games and animation apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeships frameworks are currently being changed. By 2020 all frameworks will be replaced with standards which focus on both the apprentice and employers needs. Currently approved for delivery are the following standards:

Junior 2D Artist (Visual Effects) – Level 4

Software Development Technician – Level 3

Assistant Technical Director (Visual Effects) – Level 4

Still undergoing developments and not yet ready for delivery are the following:

Video Games Quality Assurance Technician – Level 4

Animator – Level 7

Skills needed for games and animation Apprenticeships

Games and animation Apprenticeships will equip you with a range of essential skills to succeed within the industry. You’ll learn technical skills and understand how to use software while building your knowledge of graphic notion, colour theory, time and space, originality and the ability to use analytical skills and close attention to detail.

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