Future of Video Games Development: Trends & Predictions

During the last few decades, video gaming has gained much popularity. And now, it is one of the biggest global trends. With the help of social media, the benefits of video games are becoming more apparent. The Gaming industry has overtaken the Entertainment industry. The future of Gaming is ever so bright and is set to sail higher and higher.

The main reason behind the popularity of the gaming industry is its diversity and the range of categories. Be it action games like PUBG or casino games like Australia online Pokies, Games have taken the world under their wing. Owing to the plethora of categories, video games have piqued the interest of the global masses. 

So, what’s next for this industry? What kind of gaming experience does the future hold? All of your enthusiastic queries will be answered in this article, so stick with us till the end.  

Esports and AI

When talking about the modern era of Gaming, Esports can’t be skipped. The modern era’s biggest gaming platform lives up to the Gamers’ expectations. It is not hidden that Gamers love good competition. Esports is an ideal platform for gamers to compete internationally and settle forever on who is the Best. 

As an advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used in matches. With AI, data analysis and match predictions are becoming easier. Heck, some Esports platforms are now using AI-based technology officially.

AI in Video Games

Artificial Intelligence has been used in games, commonly for non-player characters, for decades. Now, AI is not only limited to developing and generating commands for the NPCs, but it is making its way into other things as well.

AI in NPCs:

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, non-player characters can be programmed to behave more like humans. AI’s biggest challenge is mimicking the most complex human brain capacity: “Imagination.” All in all, one thing is for sure: AI will bring a revolution in Gaming. 

AI for Development: 

Game developers have started to use AI for the development of games as well. They can program the AI to generate similar graphics over and over. However, this one way of looking at it with AI, the possibilities are endless. 

Cloud Gaming Services

Not enough storage? Can’t download the game? You may have faced these problems for so long. But you don’t have to worry anymore; Cloud Gaming is here to rescue you. At first, the idea that games stored on someone else’s computer were being played on your screen online sounded absurd. 

But with modern advancement, it is now a reality if you have the network speed for it. As the name suggests, cloud gaming is held over the online network. So, likely, it eats a lot of network speed. But that is all for the downsides.  

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

From the beginning of the 21st century, the concept of 3D games has boomed over the internet.

Virtual Reality: 

VR gaming is still a new category compared to the rest of the gaming industry. Still, people are hopeful that it might be the future of Gaming. However, the technology is still under development and relies on some breakthroughs. 

Augmented Reality: 

As compared to VR, AR tech has a more promising future. VR means to play games in a completely different domain, whereas, in AR, Digital graphics are superimposed on the physical world. With this technology, the gaming trend can be normalised more conveniently.  

Blockchains in Digital Games

Blockchain technology has an uprising popularity in the Gaming sector and holds potential game development advantages. 

Security and transparency of Gaming can improve with the help of Blockchain technology. On the other hand, players can exchange and buy in-game assets with cryptocurrency and create NFTs as virtual assets. 


With the imminent changes in the Gaming industry standing on the horizon, the future of Gaming is very bright. There are multiple areas where the gaming industry still needs development, ranging from AR/VR, AI and cloud-based Gaming to Esports.

The Gamers expect the developers to produce more innovative and thrilling games. The more engaging the game, the better the experience, so with modern technological development, we can anticipate even more exciting outcomes in the coming years.