Animation Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand might be known for its breathtaking landscapes, but the island nation is also at the forefront of creativity and innovation in the animation industry. As such, it offers opportunities for artists passionate about bringing characters and stories to life.

Want to have a hand in the next Pixar blockbuster? Or maybe you want to design mobile games with a global reach. Whether it’s movie magic or casinos for New Zealanders that are drawing you in, Aotearoa is the place for you.

The demand for skilled animators is on the rise, and the country boasts a range of studios. Big, small, local, and international projects are all available to work on. This diversity means a variety of roles are in demand, from visual effects to motion graphics and beyond.

Best of all, living in New Zealand is hardly all work and no play. Stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures will provide inspiration and balance to your hard-earned creative endeavors. Brainstorm storyboards on the beach, imagine your characters running through lush forests, and discover sweeping scenes across the country.

Whether you’re a seasoned animator looking for a fresh start or an aspiring artist ready to launch a career, New Zealand could make your professional dreams come true.

Wētā FX

Founded by movie magic legend Peter Jackson, this New Zealand animation and visual effects company has shaped the course of modern filmmaking. Started in 1993 and based in Wellington, Wētā FX is renowned for its work on epic franchises such as Avatar and The Lord of the Rings. Innovation and craftsmanship permeate all the company does, winning it multiple Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. As an industry leader, Wētā blends artistry and cutting-edge technology across specialties such as lifelike digital characters, jaw-dropping environments, and more. Realism, attention to detail, and a commitment to creating an immersive cinematic experience allow Wētā to transport viewers to fantastical, almost unimaginable worlds.  

Wētā is at the creative heartbeat of New Zealand’s film industry, and anyone would be lucky to work here. Standards are high, and visual storytelling is the name of the game. Wētā offers a number of ongoing internships for aspiring artists and often has other jobs posted online. Keep an eye out for what may very well be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Fox & Co Design

This Wellington-based production company weaves captive narratives that last long beyond the silver screen. Helmed by a team of passionate filmmakers and creatives, Fox & Co has done work locally and internationally. From short films to documentaries, innovative commercials, and even music videos, Fox & Co has a diverse portfolio. Genuine emotion and a thriving creative community are at the heart of all their narratives. 

Fox & Co prides itself on bringing ideas to life using animation. Skilled artists, designers, and storytellers work together to create engaging and visually stunning content. They work in a variety of mediums, such as 2D, 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality. 

Fox & Co is exceptionally skilled in creating immersive, often interactive experiences. Character design, motion graphics, visual effects, and more all work together to make the products of wild imaginations come true. Work at Fox & Co, and you’ll be on the cutting edge of animation technology and industry artistry. 

Mukpuddy Animation

If 2D animation calls your name, keep an eye out for roles at Mukpuddy Animation. Hailing from Auckland, Mukpuddy occupies a unique niche in the animation industry. Mukpuddy has grown from a humble beginning to a dynamic force known for distinctive and entertaining content. Credits include children’s shows like Sparkle Friends and What Now, New Zealand’s longest-running kid’s show. From whimsical to quirky, Mukpuddy’s style blends humor, heat, and innovation—not to mention a distinct visual style! Join this team of storytelling geniuses, and you’ll enjoy worldwide acclaim. 

Originality is especially important to Mukpuddy, so there’s never a dull day in the office. The company collaborated with renowned brands, broadcasters, voice actors, and creators—all while staying connected to their NZ roots. Big names include Lucy Lawless, Jermaine Clement, and Rhys Darby. Count yourself among the greats when you work for Mukpuddy.

Pūkeko Pictures 

Pūkeko Pictures is located in the artistic hub of Wellington and is best known for producing shows like The WotWots. In addition to charming children’s series, Pūkeko Pictures brought back Thunderbirds Are Go, a project that propelled them onto the global stage. This reimagined classic showcases cutting-edge animation and the timeless appeal of a familiar story.  

Pūkeko Pictures is linked to legendary Wētā FX, so you know what they do is excellent. The level of storytelling and visually stunning animations that this company creates is above and beyond. Jobs here are rare, but they exist. Follow Pūkeko on LinkedIn to see any upcoming opportunities and continue to hone your expertise. This production house focused on creating and developing top-of-the-line IP won’t accept anything less than the very best!


Animation and the movie industry flourish in picturesque New Zealand. Creativity, innovation, and breathtaking natural beauty surround those who seek a job in this unique and rewarding workspace. From the towering success of Wētā FX to enchanting narratives spun by Mukpuddy, NZ animation companies occupy a particular niche in the global scene.

The entertainment industry couldn’t survive, let alone thrive, with the help of these Kiwi companies. From 2D projects to VFX wizards and storyboard creators, authenticity and artistic brilliance bloom at New Zealand animation studios. Collaborate in a creative community that nurtures growth, fosters innovation, and pursues excellence in all they create.