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This is Gok, I’m a compositing & motion graphics artist from London and work on Nuke, After Effects & Flame with editing, colour grading and finishing skills in Premiere. 

I worked for global brands like Amazon, Vodafone, Samsung, Nestlé, Danone, Burger King, Elidor, Turkish Airlines and have experience in client attended creative work sessions with agency creatives and directors.

I am experienced in feature films as much as I am in TV commercials and have taken part as a VFX artist in 21 different feature film projects so far. (IMDb)

Now I’m living for 4 years in London and have worked with companies like McCann Craft, Adam & Eve, Zapp, Wunderman Thompson, Agile Films, Happy Finish, Okay Studio, BlinkInk and Amazon as freelance motion graphics & compositing artist in their projects. For Amazon, I worked 9 months at their XCM division and took part in their TVC & social media campaign projects and have worked with their in house creative team.

I am self-employed, have my own registered company (Blend VFX Ltd.) in the UK and I’m allowed to work inside UK. I will be responsible for my own tax payments and I will invoice for my freelance services accordingly.

I have my own NukeX and Adobe Creative Suite, Mocha Pro, KeenTools & Trapcode Suite, Optical Flares, Newton, Plexus licenses and I can do remote work from home studio.

I see myself as a multi-platform versatile artist and I’m interested in any Nuke, After Effects or Flame artist roles regarding compositing & motion graphics.

Please find my resume in the attachment and follow my showreel link below:

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