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Tyrell Latchman is a Caribbean/British independent 2D Animator, 2D Artist, Writer, Character Designer, Environment Artist and Illustrator who has completed a 3 Year Animation course at the University of Bedfordshire with a BA Degree in Animation. He specialises in 2D Animation, Illustration and Digital Painting with additional experience in various Creative Production Roles such as Director, Producer, Screen Writer, Storyboard Artist, Editor, Voice Artist Director and Voice Over Artist.
Born in the United Kingdom, Tyrell grew up in Luton alongside his 3 supportive younger brothers all raised by their loving and dedicated parents. Ever since he was a child, Tyrell has developed an everlasting passion and love for all forms of Art, especially the phenomenal craft of Animation. Some of his fondest childhood memories of animation include but are not limited to; streaming Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry on Boomerang every single day and re-watching various Disney Films such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Aladdin and Lion King. This is what manufactured his strong love for animation and continues to serve as the basis of his creative spree.
Tyrell is always open to trying new ways of creating animation and stepping out of his comfort zone when required. He pursues and researches 2D Animation because it offers various and distinct ways of creating new works of Art and gives people the opportunity to showcase their personal style.

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