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Find the best Remote Illustration jobs

As an expert Illustrator, you take your artistic and technical skills and build a portfolio of designs and artwork that are completely your own. Your options within this career field span a wide variety, and leave you with quite a few avenues to take for instance remote illustrator jobs to search for.

Freelance Book Illustrator and Artist

If you’re an Illustrator for a book, whether it’s a serious novel or a lighthearted children’s story, your project work requires a great deal of understanding of literature, starting from concept, to creating characters, the experience to interpret words into art, and the ability to collaborate with editorial so you can translate their original intent for the accompanying illustrations of their book into actual drawings.

Architectural Illustration Jobs

Your love of buildings, construction, and design, mixed with your ability to develop drawings with precision and accuracy, make you a perfect candidate for architectural illustration. You work with Architects or high level directors clients, bringing their ideas to digital life and creating something concrete rather than graphic conceptual to show to investors and developers so that you get hired. It helps to have completed a program in Adobe.

Fashion Illustrator/ Designer

What’s better to you than clothes, style, being creative and fashion? How about drawing all those beautiful creations and coming up with the styles to begin with? As a Fashion Illustrator, you may work for a Fashion Designer, helping them put their ideas on paper, and decide on the best cuts, patterns, and colors for production. And then finally work your way up the ladder to Art Director of a leading Fashion company

Medical Illustration Jobs

You aren’t just an artistic thinker; you also have knowledge on biology and anatomy. With medical illustration, you combine your two very different loves—art and science—to create visual representations in medical books and journals for students and Physicians alike. You magnify and dissect images that would otherwise be impossible to view and understand. This makes you an asset in a very niche illustration service

2D Cartoonist Illustration Jobs

Do your drawings have a tendency to come to life and take on personalities of their own? Perhaps you have a funny perspective on life, and a witty way of telling it. Consider becoming a Cartoonist. You could get your own comic strip, try freelancing for the media, or parlay your talents into video game or animated film illustration where there is plenty of full-time illustrator jobs available to apply for. You don’t need a degree but a portfolio of work

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