What are Fan Tokens and Where to Buy Crypto for Fans?

The digital coin industry expands its functionality every year and spreads to new areas of activity. When the industry was only emerging, cryptocurrencies were used as decentralized payment instruments, but over time they began to solve more narrowly focused requests. In this article, we will discuss what fan tokens are, the point of holding them, and where to buy them.

One of the most popular projects in this industry is Chiliz, and the CHZ to USDT cryptocurrency pair is among the most popular.

The Phenomenon of Fan Tokens in Simple Words

A digital fan token is a cryptocurrency that, in addition to the standard functions of trading, investing, and paying for goods and services, also gives the owner additional bonuses – privileges associated with a particular sports club, awards, bonuses, exclusive voting rights, etc.

Fan tokens are fungible, unlike NFTs. It means that one token is equivalent to another and can be used as payment for services or goods related to a sports club.

Fan tokens became incredibly popular just a couple of years ago when Barcelona Football Club launched such an asset to monetize fan support. At the moment, these tokens have become very popular, and many are looking forward to something similar in the music industry.

Advantages of fan tokens:

  • The right to vote for any events
  • Access to exclusive items
  • Get merch with discount
  • Win invitations to face-to-face meetings with the stars
  • And much more.

These are unlimited possibilities, depending only on the imagination of the token’s creators.

Where to Trade CHZ USDT?

This cryptocurrency is popular among investors and traders, so almost every major cryptocurrency exchange has it in the list of available coins. One of the most worthy platforms for buying CHZ is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, WhiteBIT.

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