The Impact of Mobile Games on the Gaming Industry

December 8, 2020 animation jobs

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The recent launch of the PS5 and the surrounding clamour proves that the demand for games consoles is as hot as ever, but mobile games are rocketing in popularity too. 

The evolution of smartphones and broadband technology has meant that mobile games have never been more convenient and accessible. Wherever you are, it’s now possible to play without the need for additional technology with titles such as Minecraft, Pokemon Go and Fortnite all available on smartphones. 

This dovetails nicely with the move to mobile play in the gaming industry with more options than ever to play slots, bingo and casino games on a handset. 

A Combined Approach

Mobile games aren’t in competition to the rest of the gaming industry; developers work together on projects which span multiple channels. The necessary skills are often identical, with the games design fundamentally the same as those required for casino play. 

Mobile developers and animators are notoriously involved in the gaming industry, where gambling companies and gaming companies are always hiring to generate new and exclusive slots and games. Speaking to a contact at Party Casino and their mobile casino team, they were emphatic at the importance of hiring the right person to customise both the games themselves and the marketing materials for them.

Gone are the days when slots and casino games were flat and uninspiring. Players expect more from modern slot machines; the top titles have immersive graphics and crystal-clear imagery that wouldn’t look out of place on a mobile game. Developers and animators from mobile gaming frequently cross over, helping to deliver slots and gaming designs that meet – and surpass – players’ expectations. 

Encouraging Mobile Play 

Some estimates suggest that globally, the average person spends at least 22 hours on their portable device every week. It provides the perfect opportunity to play slots, rather than hauling out a laptop or firing up the desktop PC. 

The interest and expansion in mobile gaming have led to more players showing enthusiasm about playing slots on their phone. Providers now automatically offer an option to play on the go when releasing new slots, with titles that are compatible with iOS, Windows and Android. This type of gaming has evolved to become expected and standard, a move which would have been unlikely without the increase in mobile games. 

Although in some locations such as Las Vegas, brick and mortar casinos remain popular, the ability to enjoy the action on portable devices has made slots and games accessible to a much more comprehensive range of players. There are some who would feel apprehensive about setting foot in a physical casino but have no hesitation in playing online.  

Quick Play on the Move

When mobile games first became possible, players had to download enormous apps to store locally on their phone. This meant that a quick game of slots would become a prolonged hassle if you didn’t have the software already installed and up to date. 

Mobile games which could be played online changed the landscape forever, and now it’s commonplace. Most slots and gaming takes place online without the need to download the whole game. This saves precious storage space on the phone, but also makes the game quick and easy to access; all that’s needed is an internet connection. 

These games have come a long way in a relatively short space of time, but as technology continues to develop, you can expect to see more of the same. Gaming and mobile play have become highly sought after and providers that want to stay relevant understand they need the best in the industry to make their products competitive.