Take a Break from Animation with These Casino Games

Are you a keen animator? There are a number of different opportunities that present themselves to animators all over the world as it’s a market that continues to grow and allows those within it to develop in their profession. That being said, it is also a market that brings with it many challenges. 

The Challenges That Face Animators

Some of the major challenges that animators face in the modern market include but are not limited to the following: 

There’s a Lot of Competition 

Yes, as stated above, the industry is filled with opportunity, and as a result, it is also one that is filled with competition. There are many different tutorials online that people can use and software they can download that assist with animation, and as a result, it means that it can often be difficult to stand out from the crowd. This means that animators need to work harder to build their portfolios and establish themselves.  

Client Budgets Are Getting Smaller 

This is most likely a reflection of a bigger picture rather than just the animation industry on its own. Businesses are struggling everywhere and, as such, are currently running on much smaller budgets. This is reflected in what they can offer those to whom they outsource. As such, if you are animating for different businesses, you have likely seen that the suggested payments are becoming a lot lower as a result of client budgets shrinking. 

It’s Hard to Get Recurring Clients 

A lot of the time, when you do manage to lock in a client contract, it can be hard to make it evolve into anything other than a one-off job. Clients usually ask for one video to be done, and then they will reuse it for as long as possible. This means that once the job is done, it’s done, and it can be tough to secure clients you can rely on for several different projects. Any business owner will tell you that one of the best ways to be successful in business is to have recurring clients

What Should You Do When You Need a Break? 

Because of the stress as a result of the different challenges that come with animation, it is often the case that you find you need a bit of a break. If you want to unwind with a game, it may be worth heading to different online casino websites to play on some of the popular titles. You should probe this site to find out more about all the different games out there, but a quick run-down for some of the most popular will be set out in more detail below. 


Baccarat is often considered a complex game by those who don’t know it, given it’s one of the games of choice used by James Bond. Although many aspects of James Bond’s life are quite complex, his choice of casino games is certainly not one of them. Baccarat is incredibly straightforward, and no massive strategies need to be implemented to play it, either. As such, this is a great game for beginners, which is why so many people enjoy playing it. 


Roulette is a good choice for newbies and experts because it is predominantly a game of luck, but then different strategies can be implemented to lower the house edge. It means that if you want to play an exciting game that boils down to luck, you can, but if you go on to get quite immersed in it, you can adopt different techniques. 


Arguably, the most popular casino game is Blackjack. This is a good mix of both luck and skill as you need to have the right cards come up, but at the same time, if you don’t choose the next move well and properly assess your odds compared to that of the dealers, then you aren’t going to be successful. The rules are easy to get a hold of, which means the game is simple for people to begin playing, but then at the same time, players can adopt in-depth and complex strategies if they wish. 


If you need to take a break from animation, there are a number of different activities you should try. If you are purely looking for escapism, then be sure to try out some different games. Casino games are very popular at the moment, and some of the most popular casino games are listed above. 

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