Tom Clancy

Resume posted by admin in 2D Animator.
Desired salary: $34,000.00
Desired position type: 2D Animator
Location: County Clare Ireland

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Animation and Motion Design, Illustrator graduated 2018 (mature student). Currently freelancing and working on personal projects.


Bachelors Degree Animation & Motion Design
Certificates including Level 5 & 6 VTOS and Cities & Guilds


Created an Award winning / nominated animated short.
Plenty of life experience as I have worked in many previous types of employment.


  • Adobe Suite
  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • Flash
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Krita
  • Gimp and Sketch-up
  • 2D frame x frame
  • Storyboards
  • Character design and concept.

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