Saeho Oh

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Desired position type: 2D Animator
Location: London England, United Kingdom

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My name is Saeho, Oh.

I am from South Korea and currently live in England, UK.

I am a 2D animator.

I am proficient in TV Paint. Adobe Animate (formerly Adobe Flash), Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Maya.

I am very enthusiastic about animation.
Even in my hobby, I like to create little animations, such as GIF and stop motion.

I love to make new relationships and gain a valuablue experiences.


I have graduated from the “University for the Creative Arts” in Farnham, Surrey, UK.
With a degree in “BA (Hons) Animation”.


I am currently looking for any animation, film or a creative industry opportunities. I would like to start from intern to make new relationships and gain a valuable experiences


  • 2D hand drawn animation TV Paint digital animation Adobe Animate animation program
  • Autodesk Maya with 3D animation
  • Editing skills with Premiere

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