Eric Brown

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Desired salary: $40,000.00
Desired position type: Storyboard Artist
Location: Los Angeles California, United States

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I’ve dedicated my life to service entertaining and immersive storytelling through storyboarding and animation. I am constantly learning. I make great efforts to learn from every project I work on and take as many courses as I can on the side. I work quickly and appreciate the importance of collaboration in making every project as great as it can be. I look forward to finding out where my next collaboration will take me.


Apprenticed under:
• Rad Sechrist – Storyboard Artist, DreamWorks Animation
• Kris Pearn – Storyboard Artist, Sony Pictures Animation
• Sherm Cohen – Storyboard Supervisor, Nickelodeon Animation Studio/Walt Disney Animation Studios


Animated Short: Totally Tubular Collab! – Storyboard/Animation
Animated Short: Congratulations Animated – Storyboard/Animation

Music Video: ART IS DEAD – Storyboard Artist
Pilot Treatment: Z-UNIT – Storyboard Artist

Web Series Pilot: WICKED COOL – Storyboard


  • Photoshop CC
  • Illustrator CC
  • Flash/Animate CC
  • After Effects CC
  • Premiere Pro CC
  • Toonboom Harmony 12
  • Storyboard Pro 5

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