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Desired position type: Character Design
Location: Catania Sicily, Italy

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I’m a 2D Artist, Illustrator and 2D Animator raised and trained in the new media arena between cinema, videogames and web contents.
Since I was three I picked a pen on my hand and I started to scribble improvised
characters everywhere I could: on the school desk, on tapestry and over the grumpy
faces of my mates. So in the following years I started working for some personal projects and I took part as an artist in some professional collaboration with small studios. After finishing my education, I spent four years in the animation industry where
I fostered my classical art knoledge and passion for characters and stories into my lifelong passion and job for animation and visual storytelling.
I have a strong understanding of art theory, traditional design fundamentals and frame by frame traditional animation; in addition I’m used to teamwork and I’m specialized on character art.
My work generally consist in collaborating with writers, programmers, sound designers and directors with the common purpose to create and maintain the clarity and functionality of design identity. I design model-sheets, animations and sometimes backgrounds; I organize research materials as a moodboard for the entire team and I create rough storyboards for the animators. I designed and animated hundreds of characters and I never stop to have fun and imbue all my creative endeavours with heart and enthusiasm. This is so natural for me, so I believe I could be a precious asset for your team.



2019 – Academy of Fine Arts – Modelling & Texturing
Workshop by Aurelio La Ferla

2015 – University of Catania (A.Y. 2014-15) – Catania, Italy –
Videogames Development (Mathematics and Computer
Science Department)

2014 – Trailer Film Festival (University of Catania) – Catania,
Italy – Integrated Communication Worshop by

2012-2015 – Academy of Fine Arts (A.Y. 2014-15) – Catania, Italy –
Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Technology

2007-2012 – Liceo Scientifico Ettore Majorana (scientific studies)
(S.Y. 2011-12) – Catania, Italy – High School Diploma



2019 – Coach Examiner – Nautilus Academy – Catania, Italy –
Digital Art – I analyzed and evaluated the works made by
first year students in the digital art field

2019 – Quokapp: Pop-corn in a Quok! – animated short film
produced by Cinestar and Quokkapp srl – my work:
Character Artist, Storyboard Artist, Lead Animator

2019 – Racconti Crestati – illustration realized for Riccardo
Broccardi’s short stories collection,
published by Mondadori.

2018-2019 – Thimblelizer – series of 15 animated short films
produced by Cinestar Italia – my work: Character Artist,
Illustrator, Lead Animator

2018 – Petit Battement – animated short film produced by
Accademia V.Bellini – my work: Character
Artist, Storyboard Artist, Lead Animator

2017 – The Mushroom and the Tree – animated short film
EtnaMycoPark – my work: Character Artist, Background
Artist, Storyboard Artist, Animator

2016-2017 – Thimbles (Cinestar Rodeo) – series of 15 animated short
films produced by Cinestar Italia – my work: Character
Artist, Illustrator, Animator

2011-2014 – Z-Giochi – Content Editor and Web Editor


  • Skills:
  • Character Art
  • Dubbing
  • 2D Animation
  • Web/App Design
  • Video-Editing
  • Teamwork
  • UI/UX Design
  • Game Art
  • Digital Illustration
  • 3D Modeling
  • Storytelling
  • Tools:
  • Wacom Cintiq
  • Spine 2D
  • ZBrush
  • Unity
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere


    2D Animation, Character Design, concept art, Digital Illustration, Game Art

Spoken Languages

    English, Italian

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