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Desired position type: Any
Location: Queens New York, United States

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hello. Well I wish to apply to any sort of animation position available. If given the chance I can really show you what I can do and bring to the table.
I am a dedicated worker who will do what is needed to get things done on time and in high quality condition. I am hard working and highly adaptable to any program given to me. I am a person who wants to experience the world of animation and to give audiences a taste of something fresh and new. If you pick me I will not only be an incredible asset, but also a true friend. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


i went to the highschool of art and design where i studied cartooning as well as illustration.
I currently attend the school of visual arts and am about to gradaute this semester. my bachelors is both working in traditional and 2D animation.


Overcoming the Odds, Inc.
4/16/2018 – 9/19/2018
• Part-time unpaid position. Worked remotely with other animators on character design and in-betweens, along with staging and thumbnail work, until project was terminated in August and was given little work on 3D background design.
Film Chair Office Assistant
2/25/2019 – 4/10/2019
• Part-time paid position, handled calls regarding guest lecturers, invoices, new students and new hires. Catered an event for faculty members. Filled out important documents for students. Hanged fliers and supplied information. Made sure appointments were kept.
Online 2D Animator
SmashBits Animation Studio
. I am currently working part time via online where we animate rigs of characters and backgrounds given to us by said designers and producers of this show.


  • traditional animation (6 years)
  • painting/ illustration (5 years)
  • adobe photoshop (5 years)
  • adobe illustrator (4 years)
  • adobe animate (4 years)
  • adobe after effects (4 years)
  • adobe premeire (4 years)
  • story boarding (4 years)
  • powerpoint (10 years)
  • toon boom harmony (2 years)
  • tv paint (1 year)


    communication, Design, Detail Oriented, freindly, organization

Spoken Languages

    English - Professional working level, English Spanish

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