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Desired position type: 2D Animation
Location: Moscow Moscow, Russia

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My name is Apexander Popov, I’m a Russian animator based in Moscow.

I specialize in a variety of 2D animation techniques, with a special interest for character animation and storytelling.

I have always been interested in studying the way characters communicate. Despite what it may seems, words are actually a very small part of what we express, being second to what our posture, hand movements, eye and facial expressions have to say. I like studying all these forms of nonverbal communication, and challenge myself to use as much of this body language as I can, to make my characters as complete, deep and believable as possible.


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Bloop Toon Boom Animation


Freelance Animator (2017) – Anime Studio Pro
Cartoon. Chortoviyki is a small provincial town cut off from the world. Three friends – Danko, Spindik and Levko, teenagers of different characters, are experiencing adventures, together they get into different troubles and get out of them together. They confront the entire city of Internet zombies, begin an underground production of Kopi-Luwak, fight giant mutant snails, and search for legendary Cossack treasures. No matter how difficult the problems may be, young heroes will always find a way out. Although not always wrong.

Kukutiki show (2019) – Anime Studio Pro
Musical project and channel for children – toddlers from 0 to 5 years.


  • Anime Studio Pro (Moho 12)
  • Toon Boom
  • Character Rigging

Spoken Languages

    Engish, Russian

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