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Recently finished the Background design courses with Yohichi Nishikawa in Pasadena, CA. I have freelance experience illustrating and designing with bringing prompts to life and meeting an appropriate design criteria based on a particular clients interests.

My passion is storytelling through environmental art, and elevating the respective narratives through the atmosphere.


● BFA Department of Illustration at Lesley University College of Art & Design,
Boston, MA. – Class of 2015
● Storyboarding mentorship with Douglas Sirois

● Concept Design Academy “Art of Ghibli Background Painting”
Yohichi Nishikawa, Pasadena, CA. 2018

● Concept Design Academy “Interiors and Architecture of Ghibli”
Yohichi Nishikawa, Pasadena, CA. 2019


● Creative Supervisor “We Stand” Branding Campaign, Daryl Dittmer Boston, MA. 2018
● Social Media design, Sugar Pine 7 (RoosterTeeth) Summer 2017
● EP Album Art IGN’s Daemon Hatfield Spring 2016
 Formatting, Design and Illustration
● Lesley University “Common Thought” formatting and covers, Boston MA. 2013
● Independent Contractor Visual Arts Teacher: Red Jacket Resorts 2012-16


  • Illustration (Traditional, Digital)
  • Photoshop (CS6)
  • Watercolor, Poster Color, Gouache
  • Graphic Design
  • Environmental, Architecture Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Marketing, Promotion Design

Spoken Languages


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