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I am a recent graduate of Ballyfermot College of further education (BA Hons in Visual Media with Animation)

I am passionate about 2D animation, I am a flexible and adaptable problem solver with a keen eye for detail and the integrity of the design of a film. I have a strong grasp of the principles of animation and storytelling. I am Fluent in both English and Spanish and have an excellent knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.

I am sociable and communicate well with others in a fast paced collaborative environment.
I am a highly self-motivated, sensitive to the needs of others and always happy to work as part of a team. I am able to prioritize and have good time management skills. I am able to prioritize and handle pressure well under tight deadlines. I can assure quality and a professional standard.

I have experience working with Toon Boom Harmony, TV Paint and Photoshop. I was lead storyboarder, character designer and one of the lead animators in our final year project entitled ‘CTRL-Alt- Z’. Throughout the projectI took on constructive feedback from my peers and teachers on a daily basis and worked diligently under pressure.

During my final year, I was thrilled to take part in the Animation 4 Success mentoring programme, where I gained experience as an animation mentor for primary school children in Ballyfermot Dublin. This project tested my ability to manage groups and adhere to deadlines, I enjoyed teaching my group animation principles and had a good rapport with them throughout.

In addition, I was selected to take part in The Big Pitcher at the 2017 Dingle Animation Festival, where I pitched a TV series in front of industry professionals. it was an unforgettable experience to be able to tell a story that I was so keen on bringing to life, to convey my passion and bring fun to the pitch.

I have a BSc in Athletic Therapy and Training from DCU. I was motivated to do this course because I was curious to know how the human body works. I learned about Anatomy, Physiology and biomechanics, which helped me greatly when I decided to change my career to animation. I have a good understanding of the science behind human movement and animation gave me a whole new perspective on this concept. I particularly enjoyed life drawing and translated everything I had previously learned about anatomy and movement to my animation.

Please see below, My CV and contact details

Thank you for taking The time to review my application and I hope to hear from you soon.



2015– 2019 BA (Hons) Visual Media Design with Animation
Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE)

2014– 2015 Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning for Further
Education. National College of Ireland

2010 – 2014 Hons. BSc in Athletic Therapy and Training.
Dublin City University


Career Summary

Animation Mentor (2019)

I mentored a group of 6th class children from St Gabriel’s Primary School (Ballyfermot) as apart
of the “Animation 4 Success” programme run by Louise Boughton of (BCFE). I worked closely with
my peers to create a child friendly, fun learning environment for learning Stop Motion Animation.
This was a great experience for both myself and the group. The result was a Clay-mation Short made
entirely by the children with me as their mentor.

2D Animation Bootcamp (2019)

I was selected to take part in The ‘2D Animation Next Step Boot-Camp’ Organised by Animation Skillnet. We learned about: production pipeline, commonly used software, the use of backend programming, human resources, Interview tips and one to one Portfolio Reviews

Toon Boom Harmony Bootcamp (2018)

I was shortlisted to take part in the ‘Toon Boom Harmony Bootcamp’.This consisted of an Intensive one week course taught by Boulder Media. We Learned how to animate a rigged character in Toon Boom Harmony, Including pose to pose , key framing, in-betweening and lip sync.

Lead Animator (2018)

As part of our production module in (BCFE), I was animation Director for a 2D platforming video game. This project was a collaboration between the first year of the animation degree students and final year game students. The game was selected to be showcased in the IFI end of year Graduation Show.

Dingle Stings (2018)

Creative director of one of the Dingle stings chosen to be screened at Dingle animation festival 2018.
Our short was completely filmed using stop motion.


  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • TV Paint
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe After effects
  • Premier Pro


    Acting, Emergency First response, Public Speaking, Teaching

Spoken Languages

    English (fluent), Spanish - native level

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