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Desired salary: $50,000.00
Desired position type: 3D Animator
Location: Cairo Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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I have 4 years experience in Egyptian Animation field. I am enthusiastic about cinema and arts. Currently, I am studying in Animschool online school of animation trying to elevate my work experience. I seek working in high quality projects ranging between feature animation and hyper-realistic cinematics and visual effects. I have a great goal of being a film director.


Animschool.com (2017-2019)

– Studied 3D animation incluing (Body mechanics – Body acting – VFX creature animation with live action plates – Character performance and Facial acting).


Fullmoon Studios Inc.
(August 2015 – Now )

– Character Animator


  • 3D Animation


    3ds Max, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Motion Builder, charatcer animation, Creture animation, Motion Capture

Spoken Languages

    Arabic and english

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