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Resume posted by Animate in Storyboard Artist.
Desired salary: $2,500.00
Desired position type: Storyboarding and animation
Location: Burbank California, United States

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Worked 19 years in film


Animation Institute Of Los Angeles

Don Bluth


Company NameAnimate for the Cel of It Productions.
Dates Employed2000 – Present
Employment Duration19 yrs
LocationBurbank, Ca
Laika Studios
Dreamworks Animation LLC
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Universal Studios
Lionsgate Entertainment
Netflix- Storyboards
Shark Tank-sales video
Indie GoGo Film -Peanut Butter Pump
KidsTV-Animation music videos -5MB
Character Designs -Forbidden Dungeons, D&D
Simple Comfort -TV ad
Freedoms Fire-Feature Script
Kubo -Post-production
MARSOC Foundation t-shirt designs
Visual Development for I’m In Love With A Vampire Graphic Novel
Visual Development for Red Eyes, Indie film.
Animatic for Zombie Lights, for Focus Productions
Animatic for Loaded Pen’s Pitch to Cartoon Network
Anime wardrobes- Live action cosplay commercial.
Baby Bad Ass -Dark Graphic Novel for Adults
No Shoes -Script to Screen
Bob’s Song- From layout to the screen
Maggie Official (2015) – Arnold Schwarzenegger
De Prince LLC -Character Designs
The Well-Visual Development for the feature film
Weiner Productions -Buckle Bear animation- Script to screen.
Brown Productions-Editing live action film
Batman- Pitch trailer for the client to sell a script.
Lilly’s Revenge animation002 Bath -storyboards to screen.


  • From Script to screen in film production


    Storyboards animation

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