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Desired salary: $60,000.00
Desired position type: Storyboarding and animation
Location: London England, United Kingdom

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Recently finished the visual development mentorship with Armand
Serrano. I have experience illustrating and bringing prompts to live,
from character design to entire children picture story books. My
passion is story telling through art.


Visual Development Mentorship with Armand Serrano
Dates attended 2019 – 2019

My portfolio passed Armand´s screening and I proceeded to be mentored through months of work in a focused path, exploring rendering techniques and applying foundation principles.

Dates attended 2018 – 2019

Gesture Drawing (Alex Woo)
Introduction to Digital Painting (Andrew You)
Fundamentals of Character Design (Stephen Silver)
Environment Design (Nathan Fawkes)
Fundamentals of Lighting (Sam Nielson)
Lighting for Story and Concept Art (Sam Nielson)

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Masters in Computer Science Field Of StudyWeb Technology and Digital Business Grade3.86 GPA
Dates attended or expected graduation 2014 – 2016

The code for the server side part of my master’s final project is available at:


Visual Development Artist
Company: Artella
Dates volunteeredNov 2018 – Present Volunteer duration8 mos
Cause Arts and Culture
Project: Maya and Meep

I was given the responsibility to continue shaping Maya’s mom character, working out the best silhouette and design while keeping true to the art style established early in the project.

Project: A Very Potter Animated Musical

I was given the responsibility to map out the environment of Diagon Alley. I also created a mapping of the camera positions and cuts to make sure the background is consistent and stays within the mapped location.

Illustrator and author of children’s book
Dates Employed Sep 2017 – Dec 2017
Employment Duration4 mos
Location Spain
Independently published: “Arbo makes an unlikely friend” (Amazon). Garnered a 5 star rating from readers.

Company: Artella
Dates volunteered Jan 2017 – Jun 2017 Volunteer duration6 mos
Cause Arts and Culture
Illustrated concept art of the director’s idea of an orphanage.

Character Designer
Company: Artella
Dates volunteered Sep 2016 – Present Volunteer duration2 yrs 10 mos
Cause Arts and Culture
Transformed a description and set of requirements into a character represented through a turnaround sheet, including four principal character mouth expressions (closed, wide, ee and oo sounds). The project was called “Gordo and Bleu”.


  • Visual Development
  • Illustration
  • Digital Art
  • Story boarding
  • Photoshop
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Blender


    Assets Drawing, Color Keys, Digital Illustration, Drawing, Line art, painting, Prop drawing, visual development

Spoken Languages

    English (Native), Spanish (Native)

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