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Desired position type: Any
Location: Brazil

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My name is Jonas, I’m 28 years old, currently working as a freelancer.

My work focuses on modeling, texturing, shading and lighting.


.5 years experience As 3D Generalist

.3 years of Experience As Art Director

.General vision around the 3D scene process , including modeling , texturing , lighting , composition and post – production.

.Gratuated In texture and lighting For Melies School of Sao Paulo ( Brazil )

.Graduated In Modeling Production with Professor Rafael Ghencev


Studio Taito CG ( Brazil )
‐ The Overcoat Short Film Anima􀀒on ( Giant Anima􀀒on Studios )
‐ Thistle One Short Film ( Directed by Bobby Boom Beck )
‐ Publicity agency Empória Branding ( Brazil )
‐ Publicity agency Voltz ( Brazil )
‐ Publicity agency Mul􀀒pla ( Brazil )


  • .Modeling
  • .Ligthing
  • .Texturing
  • .Shading


    Lighting, Modeling, shading, texturing

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