New Freelance Animation Marketplace

Animationlancer – the NEW freelance marketplace specifically for Animation Artists and Designers!

Animationlancer is an online animation service that has been created by animation artists for animation artists. We believe that animated content creation is the future of digital marketing and people have changed how they view their content in the 21st century.

Now more than ever, viewers are expecting to be entertained AND be informed at the same time. Content is required to be undeniably engaging, as well as teach or tell a story to the viewer. This is great news for freelance animation artists and graphic designers as the need for online animators is increasing!!

Animtionlancer will provide a safe space for freelance animation artists and freelance graphic design artists the opportunity to showcase their abilities to a paying audience.

The system is fair to all of our patrons with safety measures in place that secures Animationlancers funds before services are rendered. This ensures that fraudulent Buyers cannot scam reliable Sellers out of their well-earned remuneration. Also, this safety extends to the Buyers in the same regards and ensures that Animationlancers are unable to relieve Buyers of payment without delivering the promised services. This creates a safe and secure environment for both Buyers and Sellers alike to conduct fair business trades.

Why choose Animationlancer?

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, there is no better place to receive your online animation services than Animationlancer.

One of the most attractive features apart from our extraordinary group of freelance animation artists and freelance graphic designers is our affordable pricing.

Animationlancer refuses to overcharge Buyers and Sellers by cutting into Seller profits and forcing Buyers into exorbitant fees. Instead, we offer a flat rate and percentage pricing system which is applicable per job. Great news for Buyers and Sellers who are only required to pay for the services they use.

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