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PhD Position in Animation

LUCA School of Arts Full-Time  Brussels, Brussels, Belgium 22 Mar 2023
PHD Position in Animation

Job Description

Call for PhD position in Animation (100%) at the Inter-Actions research unit from LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-mine

LUCA School of Arts is a multidisciplinary educational and research environment in which creative talent can develop on an artistic, performative and technical level. LUCA promotes the practice of art and creative design as well as the development of innovative insight. LUCA combines the strength and expertise of five renowned institutions on as many campuses: Sint-Lukas Brussel, Narafi Brussel, C-mine Genk, Sint-Lucas Gent and Lemmens Leuven. With over 700 staff members and about 3,800 students, LUCA School of Arts is a creative hub for over 4,500 artists, musicians, theatrical and film makers, photographers and designers. Respect and integrity define our basic attitude. We see sustainability and diversity as an asset, quality is our driving force. In the coming years we want to give LUCA an identity as an actor in society, make our training institute part of a laboratory, supplement our offer with demand-driven initiatives, and open up our multi-campus reality into a network. LUCA School of Arts wants to create an environment in which all talents can develop to the fullest, regardless of gender, age, cultural origin, nationality or disability. We therefore welcome all people with talent who recognize the added value of diversity and an inclusive organization. #weArt

The research unit Inter-Actions offers a doctoral position to pursue a PhD in the Arts at LUCA/KU Leuven under its research cluster “Critical Reflections of and through Animation”. 


As part of the unit, the selected project is expected to critically investigate the relationships between the maker (animator, filmmaker, visual artist etc), the created artefacts (film, installation, XR etc), their ‘audience’ and/or their environment. With this proposal we see a maker as an analytical thinker, interested in reflecting on, experimenting with and creating within and beyond the boundaries of the artistic field. 

As part of the research cluster “Critical Reflections of and through Animation”, the submitted proposals should establish dialogues with theoretical and artistic research in animation under a decolonial lens. This perspective allows for exploring how different actors in the animation field relate to issues involving (although not limited to) race, gender, sexuality, culture, language, technical or economic power asymmetries. Thus, we look for research proposals that include interdisciplinary approaches on how those issues are affected by a variety of agents in the animation field, including but not limited to: artists, studios, audiences, tools, technologies, storytelling techniques or aesthetics. Also of interest is exploring animation under Yuk Hui’s notion of cosmotechnics as “the idea that different cultures and epochs have different ways of thinking about technology”.

You will also work as a lecturer in the Animation department. Within this role, you are available to support animation students in the Bachelor and Master levels in their thesis project, teach animation courses and collaborate on more reflective master modules. 

PROFILE PhD Position in Animation

You have a Master diploma.

You have a PhD project that has an outspoken relevance for the research objectives of LUCA’s research unit Inter-Actions and its cluster “Critical Reflections of and through animation”.

You are able to, by the latest on the 30th of November of 2023, present a letter of acceptance by the doctoral committee of LUCA/KU Leuven. This means either:

You are willing to work in a team and to play an active role within your research group.

You have the skills to complete a comprehensive, long-term research project within the given time-frame of 5 years.

You have an outstanding portfolio in animation.

You have experience (as a master student or as a researcher) in artistic research.

You are willing to communicate on your research at conferences, through artistic presentations and through publications.

You have the ambition to become an outstanding researcher and to share your knowledge in higher arts education.

Proficiency in Dutch and English is required, in accordance with the language requirements applicable to higher education, or at least willingness to learn those languages in a short term. A level B1 of the teaching language (English) is required. The administration language of LUCA is Dutch. We will ask you to acquire the level B2 of Dutch within 5 years after  recruitment. You will be given the opportunity to learn Dutch, respectively English, to the required standard.

THE PhD Position in Animation

The position is a doctoral position of 5 years at LUCA starting on the 1st of September or the 1st of December (depending on whether you have or have not yet been accepted as a PhD student at LUCA/KU Leuven). Failure to achieve the approval of the PhD commission will lead to not being accepted in this position. We offer a statutory appointment for 100% of a fixed term (2 years) in the vacant position of research assistant (scale 502). The appointment can be extended, subject to a positive evaluation.

More information about the salary scales can be found on the website of the Department of Education (

You will perform research (70%) and teaching (30%) activities at LUCA.

In your teaching assignment your expertise should be applied to classes on Artistic research and project development, and/or on experimental approaches for animation techniques (including but not limited to VR, XR, AI, installations and mixed media).


Your candidature contains: (1) an up-to-date and comprehensive CV, including an art or design portfolio and (if applicable) a list of publications (2) a letter of motivation stating your qualifications and reasons for interest in the position, and (3) your research proposal (see below). 

Only complete candidatures will be accepted for evaluation. Uploaded documents cannot exceed 5 MB. If the portfolio requires a higher resolution, please insert a hyperlink to an online portfolio. 

The deadline for applications is the 30th of May, 2023 via the job posting at CV Warehouse.


Your research proposal should provide the following information and structure, which is based on the template for applying to the doctorate in the arts at LUCA/KU Leuven:

  1. Title and summary (max. 200 words) of the research proposal;
  2. Research subject (min. 400, max. 800 words):
    1. Describe the artistic or design field or disciplines in which your doctoral research can be situated;
    2. Describe as clearly as possible the research topic, research questions and the objectives of the research.
  3. Research process (min. 300, max. 600 words):
    1. Describe in practical terms how and by which methods you will give shape to the research process;
    2. Demonstrate how your own art or design practice is an integral part of your research methods;
    3. Demonstrate how artistic skills, creativity and imagination are part of the research (refer to your portfolio if necessary).
  4. Work planning:
    1. Planned duration of the research (set at 4 years);
    2. Describe the objectives per year, in relation to the planned duration (min. 150, max. 300 words).
  5. Contribution to knowledge and the arts and design practice (min. 250, max. 500 words):
    1. Describe how this research is original and innovative with regard to existing research, projects and practices (artistic, design-based, others);
    2. Describe how you expect the research results to contribute to the research community, the arts and design practice and the broader social context in which the research is situated;
    3. Describe how this doctoral research will influence your personal practice as an artist or designer.
  6. Presentation, dissemination and valorization (min. 150, max. 300 words):
    1. The PhD in the Arts consists of a written dissertation and creations in the arts or design. Indicate the possible format(s) for the presentation of these creations in the framework of the PhD defence;  
    2. Indicate how your project and its results can otherwise be brought to the attention of researchers, artists and the wider audience, during and after your doctoral study;
    3. Make a suggestion on how the research results can be valorized beyond their dissemination or presentation.


A preliminary selection is made on the basis of the written application by the research unit of the candidate. The selected candidates will be invited for an interview with a committee, headed by the research unit coordinator Dr. Niels Hendriks. The interviews will take place via video call on the 8th of June, 2023 and an invitation link will be sent to the candidates. The candidates will be informed of the decision by the research council one week after the interview. The selected candidate should start his/her/their activities in October or November of 2023. 

The candidate selected for this position must present a letter of acceptance by the doctoral commission issued until the 30th of November, 2023 in order to proceed with his/her/their activities. Failure to achieve the acceptance letter of the PhD commission will lead to not being accepted in this position.

You can apply for this position no later than the 30th of May, 2023 via the job posting at CV Warehouse.

LUCA C-Mine is a campus of and for everyone. We have the ambition to create an environment in which all talents can develop to the maximum, regardless of gender, age, cultural origin, nationality or disability.

We want to be a campus where everyone feels welcome, valued, seen and heard. As a campus, we believe that the more inclusive and sustainable we are, the better we can perform. We therefore strive to see the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives reflected in the workforce and teaching and research results of our degree programme. Regardless of your gender, age, cultural background, who you love and what you believe: we cordially invite you to apply!

For more information please contact Dr. Virgilio Vasconcelos (, Dr. Niels Hendriks ( or Dr. Dirk Reynders (

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