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2D Animator

Progressive Generation Inc. · Full-Time  Jordan 5 Jun 2024

Job Description

Progressive Generation® Studios, a leading Animation studio, is thrilled to extend to talented 2D Animator professionals to join our extraordinary team. We are dedicated to creating exceptional animated content and are seeking individuals who share our passion for collaborating with us.




We are seeking a talented 2D Animator to join our creative team. As a 2D Animator, you will be responsible for conceptualizing, storyboarding, character design, and animation. Collaborating closely with the creative team, you will develop concepts, storyboards, and animatics that effectively communicate narratives and visual styles.

Number of Vacances: 5

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conceptualization and Storyboarding: Collaborate with the creative team to develop concepts, storyboards, and animatics that effectively communicate the intended narrative and visual style.
  • Character Design and Animation: Create expressive and captivating 2D characters, ensuring consistency in design and movement. Develop character rigs and animate them with fluidity, conveying emotion and personality through movement.
  • Environment and Background Design: Design and create visually appealing 2D backgrounds and environments that complement the overall animation style and enhance storytelling.
  • Timing and Pacing: Understand the importance of timing and pacing in animation to create dynamic and engaging sequences.
  • Quality Control: Ensure animations meet quality standards, technical requirements, and specifications for various platforms and mediums.
  • Research and Development: Stay updated on industry trends, new techniques, and tools to continuously enhance animation skills and contribute innovative ideas to the team.
  • Feedback and Iteration: Incorporate feedback and iterate on animations to achieve the desired look and feel.
  • Technical Proficiency: Utilize industry-standard animation software (e.g., Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) and other relevant tools to create and refine animations. Stay updated with emerging trends and techniques in 2D animation.


Skills And Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or diploma in Animation, or a related field
  • Creativity and Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail, artistic flair, and the ability to create visually appealing animations.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Time Management: Strong organizational and time management skills to meet project deadlines and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Portfolio: A portfolio showcasing your animation skills and demonstrating your ability to create captivating and dynamic 2D animations.


If you are passionate and have a strong experience in the field, we would love

to hear from you soon! Please send your CV to the below email:

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