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2D Animator

Frame One Production Full-Time  Jordan 5 Jun 2024

Job Description

We are seeking a talented and creative Animator to bring storylines and characters to life through visually stunning animations in various mediums such as films, games, and videos. As an Animator, you will possess a keen eye for detail and artistic flair, effortlessly transforming scripts and concepts into captivating computer-generated animations. Proficiency in CGI software and storytelling is essential to excel in this role. Your role will involve developing exceptional visual frames using 2D techniques. By leveraging your artistic aptitude and technical skills, you will breathe life into narratives and characters, captivating audiences with your imaginative creations. As an Animator, you will play a vital role in the production process, collaborating with a team of designers, directors, and other professionals to bring projects to fruition. Join our dynamic team and showcase your talent as an Animator, contributing to the creation of visually captivating experiences that entertain and inspire.


Read scripts and storylines to understand animation requirements. Create models, drawings and illustrations by hand or electronically. Ensure synchronization of frames and audio Participate in editing process Direct the work of animation assistants Collaborate with production crew (designers, directors etc.)

Requirements and skills

Proven experience as animator Knowledge of 2D animation. Experience in project management Proficient in CGI software (Adobe Animate, Toon boom) Comfortable working with deadlines and budget restrictions Teamwork and excellent communication skills Strong understanding of the 2D animation process and pipeline. Ability to follow style and technical guidelines for production

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