Complete Guide to Becoming a Gameplay Animator

Video games are more popular than ever, which means there are plenty of opportunities for an aspiring gameplay animator in the industry. You should seriously consider becoming a video game animator as it is an incredible field with many career paths.

A gameplay animator involves creating visuals for video games. A gameplay animator will design characters, game settings and create visual effects. The most important part of the job is breathing life into video game characters.

 The good news is that there are several paths to becoming a video game designer. However, the following is the most common pathway to becoming a gameplay animator:

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

About eighty percent of all gameplay animators have a bachelor’s degree, with about fourteen percent possessing a Master’s Degree. Therefore, to become a gameplay animator, you have a higher chance of success if you receive higher education.

At the very least, you should have a high school diploma, as no employer will even consider you if you don’t. Computer coding and graphic design knowledge will be necessary to become a game animator.

A bachelor’s degree in multimedia design or graphic design should be your goal. However, some colleges offer video game design courses which you should opt for if you want to become a game animator.

Get Experience as a Gameplay Animator

You should get as much experience as you can if you want to become a video game animator. You should start in high school or college by taking up an internship in a video game company.

You should not be choosy and select wherever you can practice what you have learned at school and on your own. Even working for an online casino with a wide variety of games will be beneficial. You have to ensure that the company will include you in the animating process to learn as much as you can.

The video game industry is very competitive hence why you need as much experience as you can get. It may be challenging to get a job as a game animator right out of college.

Practicing your animating skills is the most critical part of the job.

Build Your Resume and Portfolio

Another reason you want to get as much experience as you can is to build a solid resume and portfolio of your work as an animator. An impressive resume is always an excellent addition to get you into the door.

However, it is your skills and work that will guarantee you a job or place in a project. Therefore, including any positions, you have filled or any roles you have played in a project in your resume.

Create a portfolio where you can best showcase your game animating skills, including game screenshots, gameplay videos, gaming reviews, and a demo reel. The portfolio should reflect your unique video game animating abilities and personality.

Keep Learning

The secret to becoming a successful video game animator is lifelong learning. You should learn new skills whenever you have the opportunity to aid your current animating skills.

Technology, particularly software and coding languages, are constantly evolving, meaning you should keep up with them or risk becoming obsolete. Remain current on any developments happening in your field so you can take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

Staying involved with video game organizations, associations, and networks will help you become more valuable as a video game animator.

 If you want to someday be involved in a leadership or management role as a video game animator, you should gain the soft skills necessary for that position. It will allow you to lead a video game animating team or run your own company.

The video game industry continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. You have numerous opportunities as a skilled and knowledgeable video game animator. Use the guide above, and you should achieve success soon enough.  

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