Embracing Curiosity in an Animation Career

There are many professionals in the arts who will share it’s important to find that “one thing” you love and get really good at it and that is the pathway to a successful art / animation career. That said, what about creatives who are multi faceted and get energy and joy from trying and doing new things?

Personally, I am one of the later and have enjoyed an exciting year art directing / visually developing and associate producing a short film called, “little bird”, where our talented team used the new technology of Unreal Engine. I also Art Directed an RPG game with Nintendo / Steam / Papersword Games where for the first time I handed off my designs to an incredible team of pixel artists!

Painting is an artistic voice for me and excited to be showing work at a new gallery called “The Baldwin Gallery” in Sierra Madre, California. I created the pieces to guide viewers through a healing process by giving them images that provide a supportive space to feel as it has been an incredible time for mankind walking through the pandemic.

Valuing and listening to my own heart and curiosity have been and continue to be a great light of truth on my creative journey. Taking a moment to share, if you are a creative who enjoys variety don’t be afraid to embrace your authentic creative self. Being true to your own voice and heart is the ultimate creative journey and gift you and only you can give to your work, team and the world.

Thank you for the opportunity to share and happy and blessed Holiday season and New Year!



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