Santhosh Babu –

Hi, I’m a Skilled Senior Lighting/Shading/Compositing TD Complemented by a strong and solid background in the visual arts, photography and film production. Currently working as Senior Lighting and Compositing Artist in Polygon Pictures Malaysia. I have more then 10+ Years of experience in the Animation Industry. In the career span of over 10+ years I have worked on several projects which include Animated Feature Films, TV Series, and Commercials with various clientele and studios. My foundation in photography and film production gives me a keen eye for detail, color sense, framing and composition. My education and working experience in India ,Singapore and Malaysia have imbued me with strong working ethics and a dedication to perfection. I am self motivated and can work well under pressure to meet challenging and critical deadlines. I enjoy creative challenges and seek to develop a long career in the animation industry.

Please feel free to download my resume as it briefly outlines about my experience in the animation industry that spans over almost 10+ years.

Santhosh Babu's resumes

  1. Lighting Artist

    Santhosh Babu Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    18 Apr 2020