My name is Mr. Santi Roig and I was born in Calella (Barcelona, Spain) in 1975.
I have been involved in the Animation Industry since the year 2000. I have a wide experience working internationally worldwide, especially in China, country in which I have lived and worked for three years and a half.
My professional records include Animation Supervision and Character Animation for the Oscar Nominated feature film and Spanish Cinema Academy Awarded “Chico & Rita” (2010), among many other productions and projects.
My experience runs all levels of pre-production and production, from Storyboard, X-sheet direction, animation direction, 2D animation layouts, FX animator and operator, contents creator and a marketing and sales supporting role in several international animation markets and events.

SANTI ROIG's resumes

  1. 2D Storyboard Artist/Animator

    SANTI ROIG Storyboard Calella, Catalonia, Spain
    9 Nov 2022