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I have been creating art since before I could remember, and have seldom thought of anything else than to pursue that dream.

I have been working as an established freelance artist since 2010. Like all of our humble beginnings we all start small. I began to welcome commissions starting with close friends and family, and while that time has long passed, I naturally replicate those same interactions between artist and client, developing a strong, creative relationship as our project progresses to completion.

I wear three hats: the first suited for graphic design, the second digital and traditional illustration, and the third in animation. This opens the doors for my clients to potentially combine all three into one creative solution.

I have graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Animation and Visual Effects and currently work in Denver, Colorado as a graphic designer and freelance artist.

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    3d Character Animator Resume posted by PBTGOART in 3D Animation
    ColoradoUnited States
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    8 Jun 2020