Miguel Medrano Malo – https://www.medranomalo.com/

I am an Animation studen (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia) graduated in Fine Arts (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) open to find work or interships.

In recent years my work has focused on the taste for telling STORIES that transmit values; stories that directly or indirectly help break the frames of overdetermination that bind us to the “here and now”, in pursuit of viable utopias based on respect.

I get it through drawings, comics, vignettes, illustrations, texts and ANIMATION; and more indirectly with my plastic work (sculpture above all). I love the previous process of concept art and realization of the stories, which is where I would like to direct my forces from now on.

Miguel Medrano Malo's resumes

  1. Visual Developer / Concept Artist

    Miguel Medrano Malo Generalist Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain
    16 Nov 2021