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My name is Daniel Stockbridge. I have a longstanding love and passion for art and games, especially design and animation. I love art, and its incredible impact on the feelings and thoughts of the viewer. I greatly enjoy creating and molding expressive and interesting pieces and images, using them to catch the viewers’ imagination, interest, and attention. I am eager to grow and develop alongside my fellow team members, while contributing to the creation of an incredible final product. I enjoy and relish being part of a group, sharing ideas and feedback, and accepting and learning from criticism. Fairness is, in my opinion, an ideal of the utmost importance. In games, regardless of medium or genre, a fair playing field must be maintained for there to be any real enjoyment. In the same way, workplaces and group dynamics should allow every member to have a fair chance at sharing and contributing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Daniel Stockbridge's resumes

  1. 3D Animator

    Daniel Stockbridge 3D Animation Milton, Massachusetts, United States
    9 Apr 2022