David Diaz – https://www.instagram.com/davide_animation/

I am a graduate fine artist: animator and illustrator. Passionate about videogames since my very early childhood in the late 80´s and still passionate about classic videogames and, by consequence, in pixel art. I also love drawing since I can remember, from my childhood and, later on, during my teens, I was influenced by Japanese animation. For all of this I decided to study Fine Arts where I learnt about animation, illustration, scripting and storyboarding, and I developed a passion about drawing anatomy and character design.

I am currently working on the design of Project Gaya, a pixel art RPG videogame. This project is based on the production of several miscellaneous artworks as scripting, storyboarding, art concept and character design, pixel art, drawings, paintings and animations.

David Diaz's resumes

  1. Animator 2D

    David Diaz 2D Animation Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
    4 Dec 2019