Tips on submitting portfolios at Nickelodeon

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Q: What should be included in an artistic submission?

  • A Signed Submission Release Form –
  • A Portfolio
  • A Resume
  • A Cover letter stating the position you are applying for

Q: What does Nick look for in reel submissions?

Customize you reel/portfolio for the specific opening!

CG Artists:

  • An online reel is preferred
  • Your reel should be at least 3-5 minutes long
  • A shot break down must be included
  • Put your best work first
  • Put a title card at the beginning and the end of your reel 2D Artists: An online portfolio is preferred but you have the option to mail it to the studio.
  • Organize your portfolio by discipline with your primary discipline first. The discipline for which you are applying should consume most of your portfolio
  • Strong life drawings of both humans, creatures and animals
  • A diverse array of styles – but keep in mind the show style in which you are applying
  • Include the submission release form, please go to:

Q: How can I submit my Portfolio?

Online portfolios are preferred! Please include your website URL on your resume and in the application.

You can also mail your portfolio.

Mail it directly to:
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
ATTN: Portfolio Submissions
231 W. Olive Ave.
Burbank CA 91502

Q: Will my reel or portfolio be returned?
Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for processing. Nick will always try and get back every portfolio we receive within the state of California. Out of state portfolio submissions will no longer be returned. This process is subject to change. Please do not send any original work! We do not return any Reels! Due to the high volume of applicants, you must wait until your portfolio is sent back to you or WE will call you for pick up. Although we are not responsible for lost or damaged contents we value your submissions and take extra precautions to assure its safe return.

Q: Can I call and check the status of my submission?
Due to the extremely high volume of submissions we receive, we do not provide individual feedback or status updates on submissions. Please do not call!

Q: Will I be notified when my portfolio is received?
Due to the extremely high volume of submissions, we are unable to confirm if your portfolio has been received.


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    If you submit an online portfolio, do you still submit a releases form and do you sent the release form by mail?

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    Really helpful , thanks

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    I can’t access the submission release form at
    can you assist? Thanks!

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    I am a Nigerian, do I have privilege to participate too. Thanks

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