What is a Animation Production Assistant Salary

animation production assistant salary

The salary of an animation production assistant can vary a lot based on a number of different factors. For instance, if we check out a recent salary comparison for an animation production assistant at companies like PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS in the United States is $33,290 as of April 26, 2022. However, the typical salary range falls somewhere between $31,876 and $34,705. Other factors that can drastically impact salary include education, certifications, additional skills,  and the number of years you have spent in your profession

What does a production assistant do in animation?

The production assistant (PA) is an entry-level job for a film or television production. The position may be based in an office or on the set. The PA does just about anything and everything, from getting coffee to making script copies to shuttling crew or equipment around town as necessary.

A Production Assistant is responsible for supporting and coordinating the activities of a film or television production. They’re responsible for assisting with anything the crew needs, such as getting coffee, shuttling crew or equipment to and from locations, and making copies of script

Tasks and duties

  • Helping to prepare the set with lights, props and equipment.
  • Printing and distributing scripts, call sheets and other paperwork.
  • Undertake crowd control by directing pedestrians away from filming, locking down sets and putting up signs.
  • Acting as a runner for the cast and crew.
  • Answering phones, opening mail and relaying messages.
  • Running errands.
  • Escorting actors around the film set.
  • Coordinating extras.
  • Coordinating food services.
  • Supporting the costume designer, camera operators and other crew with their work.

How much is a Animation Production Assistant Salary?

The national average salary for a Assistant Animator is $58,916 in United States.

What animation jobs pay the most?

5 Cool Animation Careers That Command Higher Salaries

  • Mathematical Modeler.
  • Medical Animator.
  • Senior Animator.
  • Animation Art Director.
  • 3D Modeler.

Is it hard to be a production assistant?

A production assistant job can be one of the the most harrowing in Hollywood. Not that it’s physically difficult. Going on coffee runs and copying scripts isn’t hard, exactly. But it can be emotionally taxing to be blamed for everything all the time, while simultaneously having no control over anything.

Is animation a good career in 2021?

Yes, animation is a good major for many undergraduate students. Common animation careers include art director, animator, craft or fine artist, graphic designer, and web developer. Careers in animation may be found in advertising, television, gaming, or film, along with a variety of other industries.

Is animation a stable job?

You may be considering pursuing a career in animation, but you find yourself asking, “Is being an animator a stable career?” The short answer to this question is yes! There are many reasons why being an animator is a stable career, as it is an industry that is growing exponentially.

Is animation a high income skill?

A career in animation is a highly lucrative one in this digital world, especially for those who have good creative and drawing skills. As the industry grows there is a growing need for a more talented, skilled and promising workforce to believe in the vision of the industry and take it to new levels.

How to become a Production Assistant

  1. Look for entry-level roles as a runner and work your way up to the position of Production Assistant with time and experience.
  2. Consider completing a Certificate IV in Screen and Media (CUA41215), which will provide you with a foundation in the screen, media and entertainment industries.
  3. Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA51015) will advance your technical and managerial skills if you’re looking to move up in the industry.

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