A Review On Elden Ring and What Class to Choose

Elden Ring has been greatly anticipated especially by Dark Souls fans. The series was open-world before the term “open-world” was even used and has a history of coming out with amazing games that have a cult-like following. 

From castles on land vast and prodigious trenches of swamp, the games from Dark Souls didn’t need minimaps to guide your way. They rather created a natural rhythm through interactions and random events, leading you from one quest to the other.


The new Elden Ring has a high standard to maintain and it seems it hasn’t overstepped that standard to many souls’ dismay. The definition of their career goals didn’t really surpass the previously made Dark Souls, oftentimes feeling like it is just a knock-off of the original game.

The game is of course still great since it is still made by FromSoftware and of Dark Souls origin, maintaining those peculiar technical problems all of their games come with. Rather than its own game, it feels remastered.

The game starts off with the serene vibes Breath of the Wild has, but quickly transitions to the expected brutality FromSoftware games have. The gameplay experience during fights is enhanced by the equality of capabilities you and mods both have. 

This balance necessitates you as a player to almost outsmart the boss you are fighting to actually win, giving players a sense of accomplishment for achieving the win. The way the game disrupts that balance is with later bosses and mobs in the game, hardening the combat exponentially. 

They seem to be so overpowered it almost feels unfair to you as a player. This fact might stop you from progressing in the game or giving up altogether. 

The placement of these mobs across the map also feels very randomized and forces you to be on high alert, taking a toll on the enjoyment factor of roaming the map in search of new quests to follow. In other words, it feels directionless.

These things may be off-putting, but once you get more into the lore and the mechanics of the game, specifically what to use when, it becomes greatly more enjoyable… except it takes hours of gameplay. 

If you have the time, do the crime! The game is fun, even though it is challenging, so if you’re willing to make the commitment you won’t regret it. 

Your class will be one of the first things you decide on when starting the game and even though it feels crucial when deciding on your gameplay experience, the game mostly allows for personalized character development and won’t force you to play a certain way. 

The starting classes are put in place for you to decide what boosts and initial gear you wish to start with. If you focus on a specific playstyle, then you may find certain classes and their boosts to suit you more.


Warriors are for players who prefer using melee for quick combat maneuvers. Your initial stats will show you have high dexterity and the game will also give you two scimitars (curved swords good for slashing). Lower in defense and higher in attack, this class isn’t for the pacifists. 


This class is also more reliant on melee, starting players off with a one-handed ax paired with a shield. You will get stats for high strength, endurance, and vigor. 

The strength will aid you in carrying heavier weapons in the game and vigor will enhance your health, allowing you to survive and battle more. Choosing the hero will give a balanced experience even if you’re more hands-on with battle.


As you may assume, the samurai class starts players off with a longbow and a katana, both of which focus on dexterity, endurance, and vigor. The class also gives you armor that only a samurai would wear, giving players a visually captivating scene.

 How dextrous you will be is about the opposite of how much magic you will be able to use thanks to the critically low faith this class has. Aside from the aesthetics, this class is almost the same as Vagabond, so unless you love this look, this next class may be better for you. 


Vagabonds come with heavy armor, shields, and straight swords for damage. If you prefer taking on tank-like tactics, this class is for you, since the character will come with high vigor stats and equal strength and dexterity. 

Thanks to these stats, magic will be minimal for players that choose Vagabond since they are essentially knights.


Bandits will be started with a dagger and a bow with some arrows. As a bandit would, they have low stats in all sectors except arcane which means it is more for players that prefer being stealthy. The high arcane stat gives players the ability to scavenge more items from defeated mobs.


Prisoner class types will come equipped with an iron mask, high dexterity and intelligence, and with an estoc and staff. This means this class is more sorcery-based, but balanced between melee and casting nonetheless.


This class is best for players who are new to this series, with the characters being started off with a short sword and staff to create a balance between casting and melee suitable for newcomers. 

Intelligence and mind are the stats that are set high in the beginning, meaning you will be experiencing lots of spell casting. 


Faith, strength, and dexterity are what confessors start with, which means it leaves the option of using heavier weapons open for those who seek that. A longsword and a finger seal are what will follow you throughout your journey offering you both a casting and melee gameplay experience.


Prophets are mostly for casting styles of gaming, starting players off with high faith stats. Prophets do more damage by focusing on incantations and also have high strength stats, allowing players to also use heavy weapons if they choose to do so.

A big bonus to this character is its healing spells, making it very OP when used to its full potential.


A wretch is a character whose stats are all set to ten and uses a club to bash enemies. This class is the best character for beginners who are unsure what their goals regarding gameplay are. This androgyny of this class’ stats means you have the freedom to level up as you wish. 

Image of Elden Ring by FromSoftware via Steam 

Image by Mateo via Unsplash

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