A Guide For The Animation Industry

Your Animated Journey is a NEW E-Book that is a self help guide for artist who want to succeed in the animation industry. The book is written by 2D animation artist Joshua Pinker who has over 5 years of experience working in the industry and the cover art was created by Joel Mackenzie. Josh is combining ALL his knowledge into one place. This will NOT teach you how to animate, but it will teach things like how to network, apply for jobs, find freelance, how much money you should be making.

This book is intended to be a go-to guide for new graduates and professionals that need help getting into the industry or looking to grow more in their current career. It also includes Q&A with other talented artist in the industry with different positions and live across the country! You can preorder the book now and help fund it on indegogo: Your animated journey indegogo 

You can also follow on Instagram @your_animated_journey or go to the website www.youranimatedjourney.com

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