7 Platforms to Find Job Seekers That Will Save You Time and Money

Ziprecruiter vs Indeed for job seekers


Finding the best top talent around might require lots of time and investment. So choosing where to hire them can be one of your biggest challenges. Of course, there are plenty of job seekers, and each has specific platforms they hang around, but the idea is to find the ones that’ll save you enough time and money. 

84% of companies use job-search platforms to find candidates, including social media sites. However, the real question is finding the job seekers you are looking for and which can save you enough time and money. 

Let’s dive deeper into this article to learn more about them. 

7 Platforms you can use for finding the best candidates to hire 

  1. ZipRecruiter 


Many recruiters quite often underrated ZipRecruiter. It publishes your job poster to over 100 sites like Salary.com, Google, and more. Compared to the rest, ZipRecruiter is an excellent platform for quickly filling in a job position. This is because it integrates with some of the industry’s best applicant tracking systems (ATS) and onboards users much faster. 

ZipRecruiter has an ‘Invite to Apply’ feature, which brings qualified candidates to open positions and allows them to apply. This feature results in candidates being hired 2-3 times more quickly. 

Many wonder if ZipRecruiter is a great alternative and if it’s worth the time and money for recruiters. Well, the answer is yes. Sharing your job poster on more than 100 sites is excellent. Additionally, ZipRecruiter has several paid plans that are performance and subscription-based. 

Most employers can directly contact ZipRecruiter to manage expenses based on their available real-time data. 

Overall, ZipRecruiter is mainly used by medium-sized and small businesses. However, it offers a free trial option, so you can try this out before you move on to the paid plans. However, remember that ZipRecruiter might not be the best platform to use when you want to scale up your small business quickly. 

Sometimes, many employers want to compare ZipRecruiter with other major job-seeking platforms like Indeed. Unfortunately, ZipRecruiter isn’t cheaper than Indeed and only offers a 4-day free trial. 

When you hear Ziprecruiter vs Indeed for job seekers, many questions come to mind. Firstly, if you want to hire candidates and look for a more expensive option, ZipRecruiter is your best bet. However, Indeed might be a better choice if you are on a budget because Indeed allows you to post jobs for free, even when using their free trial. 

  1. Indeed 


After ZipRecruiter, we made a small comparison between it and Indeed. Of course, both have pros and cons, but now, we’re going to focus on how helpful Indeed is for finding job seekers. 

In other words, Indeed is a job search engine that aggregates job postings from many sites, recruitment agencies and career pages. It’s a large job search engine that allows candidates and employers to meet. 

More than 60% of hires are made through Indeed. Therefore, it’s considered an excellent platform for making a hire. Posting a job on Indeed isn’t challenging to do. It can be done in a couple of minutes and the signup process is simple. All you have to do is the following: 

  • Create your company’s profile, put in the job description for the positions you want to hire
  • After, you can immediately post the job
  • If you’re going to post sponsored jobs, you can set your budget and duration time 

The best part of Indeed is that it allows you to post unlimited free jobs on the platform. However, remember that you won’t attract the right candidates unless you sponsor the correct job posts. 

Sponsored jobs on Indeed are all charged based on a cost-per-click basis. So you won’t be paying anything if you don’t receive any clicks. However, you can set your daily budget limit and stop it whenever necessary. But, of course, there’s no limit to how much you can set your budget, so that’s the good news. 

  1. LinkedIn 


As of 2022, LinkedIn has claimed an increase of hires by 88%. On average, a person is hired every eight minutes on LinkedIn. These are mind-blowing statistics and the primary reason why many are switching to LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is different from all the other platforms and can be used as a social media platform as well. You can set up your own social media profile as a recruiter and even communicate with your candidates. This is an excellent way of directly speaking to candidates and inviting them to apply for an open position. This is a perfect way of personalizing the hiring process. 

The greatest part about LinkedIn is that you can also use a “Hiring” profile frame picture to inform job seekers that you want to fill positions. But, more importantly, you can connect with these users; every time you post a job opening, they’ll be informed. 

Moreover, LinkedIn does offer a premium paid plan, but most of the excellent features you use on LinkedIn are free. You will only need the premium plan if you consider contacting users and not connecting to them. The premium plan allows you to contact any user without waiting for them to accept your connection request. 

Let’s not forget that some of the greatest individuals use LinkedIn, so this is your chance to contact them directly and find great hires! 

  1. Freshteam


Nearly 10,000 businesses across the globe use Freshteam for managing and hiring top talent. Freshteam offers many impressive features for a recruitment product. For example, with Freshteam, you can post to 100+ job boards in only a click, reducing your workflow and customizing it. Additionally, there are 100+ job description templates you can use. 

The platform has several automation options for analysis, building talent archives, writing automated responses, and integrating it with any email applications you use. 

Compared to its rivals, Freshteam doesn’t offer more options but is an impressive tool used in numerous areas. 

The platform is free to use and offers paid plans. Its most expensive plan costs $4.80 per employee per month. 

  1. Greenhouse 


Greenhouse is an HR tool focused on diversity and equality, so it’s ideal if you want your hiring team to focus on these areas. 

You can find some excellent candidates on Greenhouse, because they can list their personal pronouns, allowing everyone to cut out unconscious bias. Otherwise, Greenhouse lets you post to 1,000+ job boards and allows you to control the recruitment process entirely. 

Additionally, Greenhouse can integrate with 350+ software packages and many rejection notes, job description templates, and even offers you data points for in-depth analysis. 

  1. Glassdoor 


Glassdoor isn’t a traditional job board but does offer salary expectations to job seekers and the best part is that they can even see what others who have worked at the company have to say. As a company, you can inform job seekers of salary expectations. 35% of employees will look for another job next year if the company fails to deliver a pay raise. Therefore, you should know that top talents always look for salary information before getting hired. 

Overall, Glassdoor is a free option but offers two paid plans. With the free plan, you can analyze trends, post company updates on the free plan, and more. If you go with the paid plan, you can analyze your followers, retrieve more data about company ratings and compare yourself to competitors. 

Do you want to know something else that is interesting? It’s the fact that Glassdoor and Indeed are both the same company. So, therefore, each job poster that’ll go on Indeed will also go on Glassdoor. Pretty cool, huh? 

  1. Workable 


Workable is a solid product that handles the needs of businesses. Its full concentration on recruitment allows you to hire top candidates with the many advanced features they offer. 

Workable software can post to 100+ job boards and integrate with a company’s social media profile. The best part about Workable is that they use AI to select multiple candidates whenever an ad is published. In addition, the software allows you to automate tasks, use advanced search tools, rely on 700+ SEO job description templates and more. 

Larger companies typically use Workable for customization and features. However, the only downside is that it’s missing basic onboarding options. 

Why the right platform matters for job seekers 

It’s not just about candidates trying to find a job but about hiring suitable candidates. Sometimes, it might be challenging for a hiring manager to do so, but the most important part is to be sure you are using the right platform. 

After all, some of the best candidates will choose which platform they want to use to apply for a job, so always consider that. 

About the author: 

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