7 of the Best 2D Animation Studios that hire Animators on animatedjobs

2d animation studios

Are you an animator looking to be hired by 2D animation studios? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore some of the top 2D animation studios that are hiring animators on AnimatedJobs. We’ll take a closer look at the job opportunities available, the qualifications and experience needed, and the benefits of working at these studios. We’ll also provide some tips and advice to help you land your dream job in the field of 2D animation. So, if you’re ready to get started in the world of 2D animation studios, read on to learn more about the studios that are ready to hire you.

Jamfilled Entertainment

Jamfilled Entertainment is one of the premier 2D animation studios in Canada. The studio specializes in creating hand-drawn, traditional animation projects for television, film, and other mediums. With over 10 years in the industry, Jamfilled has worked on some of the highest-profile animated projects, such as The Simpsons and Regular Show.

At Jamfilled, animators have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. Animators can work on traditional 2D projects, as well as projects that combine 2D animation with 3D and motion capture technology. Animators also have the opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals and to learn from industry veterans.

In addition to a competitive salary, Jamfilled offers its animators a variety of benefits, including health insurance, a generous vacation package, and a 401K plan. As an animator at Jamfilled, you will also have the opportunity to attend workshops and networking events, as well as take advantage of a unique mentorship program. All of these benefits help to make Jamfilled an excellent choice for animators looking to work in one of the top 2D animation studios in the world.

Studio Zmei

Studio Zmei is one of the top-tier 2D animation studios that is located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. Founded in 2006, they have become a leader in the 2D animation industry and are known for their outstanding work in motion graphics, animation, and character design. They love to hire remote animators

At Studio Zmei projects include bank commericials and childrens Elvis Riboldi that a team of remote animators work on closely together to create optimized animations that meet the needs of big TV and corporate clients.

If you’re looking to join a team of remote animators and one of the strongest successful 2D animation studios, then Studio Zmei is the perfect place.

Chase a Cloud

Chase a Cloud is one of the few 2D animation studios that offers professional animators the opportunity to work from home. The studio offers a wide range of services, including 2D animation, 3D animation, and motion graphics. They work on animated series for big names such asFisher-Price and Nat Geo Kids. We truly believe this is the future not just for the branded content but also for the genre Projects can be created using various software, such as Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and more.

At Chase a Cloud, animators are also encouraged to take initiative and come up with their own projects and ideas. The studio is always open to new and innovative approaches.

Overall, Chase a Cloud is looking for motivated, creative animators who can work in a variety of styles and on a wide range of projects. If you have the experience and skill set necessary to work in one of the best european 2D animation studios, then Chase a Cloud might be the perfect fit for you. Take a look at the job postings on AnimatedJobs and apply today!

Planet Dolan

Planet Dolan is unique as its one of the few 2D animation studios dedicated to the world of youtube and they have nearly 2m subscribers to their channel, insane. They are best known for their high-quality animations, which are often humorous and entertaining.

At Planet Dolan, they have a talented team of remote animators, who specialize in creating 2D art and animation. Positions here are few and far between and you must have a good knowledge of 2D animation software, and be able to create high-quality art and animation quickly

So, don’t hesitate any longer and get your resume ready for Planet Dolan. It helps a lot of you subscribe to their channel to familiarise yourself with their work.

Tonic DNA

Tonic DNA is one of the most esteemed 2D animation studios in Canada if notthe world. It is renowned for its creative visuals, and its team of highly skilled animators. Its projects have been featured in some of the biggest publications and websites in the world, and its team has won numerous awards for their outstanding work. As a 2D animator, you can join the Tonic DNA team and be part of something truly special.

At Tonic DNA, you will be expected to create high-quality 2D animations that meet and exceed the expectations of the studio’s clients. The studio is looking for talented and experienced animators who have worked in medium to larger 2d animation studios.

The studio offers competitive pay, generous benefits, and an encouraging environment to help you excel. If you’re an animator looking to make a name for yourself in the 2D animation industry, then Tonic DNA is the perfect fit for you. With its prestigious reputation, top-notch team, and excellent benefits, Tonic DNA is a great place to start your career in the world of 2D animation.

M2 Animation

M2 Animation is a leading 2D animation studio in Bangkok with a portfolio of award-winning projects that span the world of entertainment and gaming. The company is committed to providing animators with an innovative and immersive atmosphere to help them create their best work. They offer a range of animation services, including character design, motion graphics, and storyboarding, as well as motion capture services. Animators can join M2 Animation as freelancers or they can become a part of the company on a permanent basis.

When it comes to job opportunities, M2 Animation is a great place to start. The studio is constantly looking for talented animators to join their team and help them create compelling stories. They offer competitive salary packages, flexible hours, and an inspiring environment to work in. To be eligible for a job with M2 Animation, applicants must have a college degree in animation or a related field and at least two years of professional experience in the animation industry. Additionally, applicants must possess excellent problem-solving skills, a high level of attention to detail, and the ability to work well with others.

The studio also supports an environment of creative collaboration, so animators can work with other talented people to create the best work. With the right attitude and qualifications, working at M2 Animation is a great way to take your animation career to the next level.

Surfing Giant Studios

Surfing Giant Studios is one of the newer 2D animation studios based in Manchester that is looking to hire experienced animators. The studio owners renowned for its high quality work and is known for creating visually stunning animations. Working with Surfing Giant Studios will give you the opportunity to work on Hey AJ is a high-energy journey with a curious, driven and extremely imaginative young lady. Telling her tale will call for fast-paced escapades, memorable songs and “transplendent” storytelling!  AJ includes her family and friends in all her fantastical adventures.

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